• The Suu Kyi Politics in the Fourth Wave of Feminism0

    Image credit  Wikipedia If you allow yourself to be intimidated, then you will go on being intimidated—Aung San Suu Kyi “The world views her as one of the great heroes of our time.” —His Holiness the Dalai Lama   by Purusharth Chawla    16 April 2021 Abstract:  The political system inherited by Suu Kyi on her


      March 31, 2021, French Naval ships, Tonnerre (Amphibious Assault Ship) and Surcouf (Frigate Class Ship) are on a two-day goodwill visit to Kochi, the headquarters of Southern Naval Command. By Sher Bano     15 April 2021 Quite recently, on 30th March 2021 two ships of the French Navy ‘assault helicopter carrier-Tonnerre’ and ‘frigate Surcouf’

  • India-Pakistan Recent Rapprochement: Prospects of Peace in South Asia0

    By Haris Bilal Malik    14 April 2021 Since the last two years, in particular, the prevalent security environment of South Asia has become more complex and the region has become even more vulnerable to conflicts. This is primarily because of the Indian politico-strategic adventurism and its continuous desire to dominate the escalation dynamics of the

  • QUAD Summit: An Alliance Against China?0

    By  Muhammad Mahmood    14 April 2021 THE QUAD The “Quad”, which stands for the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue has had a rather patchy history since its inception in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami and formalized in 2007.  Australia, India, Japan and the US  are the members of this grouping and claimed to be a new, 

  • Indian Nuclear Attack Submarines (SSN) and Security Calculus in Indian Ocean Region0

    By Ahyousha Khan     14 April 2021 In March 2021, as reported in the media, the Indian Navy is all set to acquire three indigenously built nuclear-powered submersible ships (SSN), commonly known as nuclear-powered attack submarines. Diplomat magazine has reported that the Indian Navy has prioritized the acquisition of the SSNs over the indigenously built aircraft

  • Bangladesh: The HR Coalition Continues its Efforts0

      by Ahmad U Shihab   12 April 2021 “Democracy and Human Rights are inseparable.”—Nelson Mandela A Coalition for Human Rights and Democracy in Bangladesh addressed a number of appeals to the Biden Administration requesting urgent help to restore people’s democratic and human rights in the South Asian country. The membership of the Coalitions spans three

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  • Searching for a Potemkin Village Opposition

    by William Milam April 9, 2021   “Potemkin village” is actually a term that originated in politics, and thus, for this article, a very appropriate term to describe one interesting recent, possibly rhetorical, sidestep in the authoritarian march of Sheikh Hasina and the Awami League government she runs. According to Wikipedia, a Potemkin Village is “any

  • Bangladesh: I am Zia Speaking

                       I am Zia Speaking  “In that case, we revolt,” Major Ziaur Rahman (March 25, 1971)    Zia is enmeshed in every paddy sheaf of Bangladesh. From every nook and corner, a voice continues to ring: I am Zia speaking.[I]   By R Chowdhury     25 March

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