• Dhaka-Delhi defence pact? No, thanks

    Dhaka-Delhi defence pact? No, thanks0

    Shahid Islam Compromising on national security is no less disgusting, harmful and dangerous than allowing one’s spouse to flirt with a common friend of opposite sex. The ultimate outcome in both the instances is tearful eyes and fearful lives. Nightmares still revisit when Bangladeshis are reminded of the 1972 Treaty of Friendship with India, and,



    N.S. Venkatraman Tamil Nadu province in South India is presently facing severe drought conditions with the failure of southwest monsoon and northeast monsoon to the extent of around 60%.  It is reported that the distress conditions faced by the rural farmers in the province due to the erratic monsoon and lack of water for irrigation



    Project details The Neutrino project involving an investment of more than Rs. 15000 million was sanctioned by Government of India under the XIth plan, and the scientists initially hoped to start construction of the facility by 2011. Around 25 research institutions are associated with the project with Tata Institute of Fundamental Research acting as a

  • Cancellation of Saudi king’s Maldives visit: A message for Yameen?0

    N Sathiya Moorthy  The much-awaited Maldivian leg of Saudi Arabia’s King Salman’s Asia tour was cancelled on the very eve of his scheduled arrival on Saturday, March 18, purportedly owing to the eruption of H1Ni swine-flu infection in the country. New dates for the visit would be announced once they are finalised, Maldivian Foreign Minister

  • India -Bangladesh defense pact – Honey mixed with poison for a friend

    India -Bangladesh defense pact – Honey mixed with poison for a friend1

    Minar Rashid A famous folk song in Chittagong goes like this; “my love, you fed me poison telling it’s honey.” In colloquial Chittagonian, it is; “Modhu koi Koi, arey bish khawaila”. Bangladesh is reverberating with news of India-Bangladesh defense pact expected to be signed during Sheikh Hasina’s visit to India in April 2017. India is

  • U.S. Preparing Cases Linking North Korea to Theft at N.Y. Fed0

    Investigators build charges against Chinese middlemen for allegedly aiding 2016 cyberheist of $81 million from Bangladesh The New York Federal Reserve building in New York. Some foreign governments, central banks and other institutions keep money at the New York Fed, enabling them to make payments in U.S. dollars and purchase sovereign securities. Photo: Scott Eells/Bloomberg News By Aruna Viswanatha, The

  • What Factors Drive Child Marriage in Afghanistan?0

    By Sayed Masood Sadat Afghanistan is considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a woman. Contributing factors include different forms of gender-based violence, poor education, limited access to healthcare, and not being allowed outside the home. Sadly, many Afghan women also face forced child marriage—despite it being illegal. According to

  • Indian regional polls 2017: Anti-incumbency, Congress-SP and media management cause big win for BJP! -I0

      -Dr. Abdul Ruff _________ Part-1 Year 2017appears to be an eventful one for India as that would be important for Indian politics. Besides facing the crucial Presidential elections, five states such as Goa, Manipur, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand have gone to polls in February-March, Gujarat (PM Modi’s home state) and Himachal Pradesh will


  • Ambassador Nikki Haley Is Completely Clueless0

    Ambassador Nikki Haley Is Completely Clueless United States’ Nikki Haley. Photo Credit: Office of the President-elect, Wikipedia Commons. By Daniel McAdams February 26, 2017 Just when we thought the great national embarrassment of a UN Ambassador Samantha Power was over, we are suddenly faced with a new US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley,

  • Indian concerns over Maldives island-lease: It’s not about China but about sovereignty talk0

    Indian concerns over Maldives island-lease: It’s not about China but about sovereignty talk N Sathiya Moorthy, South Asia Monitor, 1 February 2017  At a New Year news conference in Male, Chinese Ambassador Wang Fukang reportedly expressed ‘surprise’ over “concerns raised by Indian journalists over the leasing of the Maldivian island of Feydhoo Finolhu (an uninhabited island

  • Will new leadership continue with Jayalalithaa’s policy priorities?0

    N Sathiya Moorthy  How the post-Jayalalitha leadership of new Chief Minister O Panneerselvam takes forward her initiatives remains to be seen It’s not only in the political arena that the demise of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa be felt for a long time to come. In the larger area of policy-formulation too, it would be

  • Corruption: A Legacy Not Easy To Give Up For Bangladesh0

    Kazi Mukitul Corruption, an infamous and recognised evil, remains a major challenge to socio-economic development in Bangladesh. From the title of champion in corruption in the early 2000s, the country’s progress in fighting the evil is still mediocre, compared to pompous claims by the policy makers. Bribe given to different government sectors is equivalent to

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