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After Peshawar, Pakistan Needs Moral Restoration, Not the Death Penalty

By on Jan 23, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Injustice with Greater Injustice In December 2014, the massacre in Peshawar shook the conscience of many. Since the tragedy, the world has celebrated several holidays, including the end of a tumultuous 2014. In...

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A Look Into What Just Happened in Sri Lanka #PressPollSL

By on Jan 9, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Earlier this evening, I witnessed the inauguration of Maithripala Sirisena as Sri Lanka’s 7th** President, after one of the closest elections in the island’s history. Former President Rajapaska was trying for...

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From Russia with Love: Panic, Fear and Instability

By on Dec 30, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

There is now a full-blown panic and fear in the Russian markets that has...

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Pakistan Must End Its Dangerous Dance With the Taliban

By on Dec 21, 2014 in e-SAJ Features | 0 comments

New York Times The Pakistani Taliban outraged the world with its attack on the...

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A Personal Case for liberalizing Indo-Pak Border Crossing

By on Dec 5, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

I said, “I want to go to Pakistan…” and I couldn’t finish. “There...

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