• Teething Troubles For Pakistan In Mediating Saudi-Iran Tension0

    March 28, 2020 by Irfan Mahar Imran Khan’s visit to America, China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia carries much importance concerning the unity of the Muslim community and solution of their long-standing differences and enmities particularly Saudi-Iran Tension. Moreover, these visits are not only very significant for the relations of Tehran and Jeddah but also for

  • Changing contexts and relevance of Non-alignment0

    By Dr. Rakmuar Singh 28 March 2020 India’s policy of non-alignment in any case did not mean only to refuge joining any power bloc but a lot more than that. The main objectives of the policy are the pursuit of peace not through alignment with any major group of powers but through an independent approach

  • Pompeo’s high-stakes gamble on Afghan unity0

    Michael Kugelman March 26, 2020 It is hard to overstate the significance of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s surprise visit to Afghanistan on Monday. With his country in the throes of the coronavirus, and no one — not even senior officials — traveling anywhere, Pompeo boarded a plane and took the long flight to

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