• Agalega: A glimpse of India’s remote island military base0

    SAMUEL BASHFIELD Satellite imagery reveals the transformation of an IndianOcean island into a strategic outpost. Many questions remain. Indian Navy ensign (R. Karthik/Flickr) 2 Mar 2021  Lowy Institute   The small, remote Mauritian island of North Agalega, located in the south-western Indian Ocean, 1,122 kilometres north of Mauritius, is currently a hive of construction activity. India

  • Cracks beginning to appear in the Russia- India relationship0

    HENRY STOREY But Washington’s interests might actually be servedby New Delhi and Moscow muddling through. Vladimir Putin listens as Narendra Modi speaks to the media following Russian-Indian talks in 2019 ( 3 Mar 2021     Lowy Institute India’s annual summit with Russia was cancelled last year for the first time since its inception – the official

  • Why repressive Saudi Arabia remains a US ally0

    Jeffrey Fields, USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman “approved an operation … to capture or kill Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi,” according to a scathing new report from the Biden administration. Yet President Joe Biden says the U.S. will not sanction the Saudi government, calculating that any direct


  • China in the Middle East: Stepping up to the plate0

      By James M. Dorsey     3 March 2021 By defining Chinese characteristics as “seeking common ground while reserving differences,” a formula that implies conflict management rather than conflict resolution, Messrs. Sun and Wu were suggesting that China was seeking to prepare the ground for greater Chinese engagement in efforts to stabilize the Middle East,

  • Resolving the WHO’s Constitutional Muddle in Holding China Liable for Covid-190

    by Anirudh Tyagi    2 March 2021 There has been a substantial demand in first-world countries to account for China’s liability for the Covid-19 pandemic. Many reports published in the U.S. and most recently in Australia have concluded that had China been more vigilant, the fatal consequences could have been mitigated. The U.S senate had vowed

  • Sri Lanka: Borrowers, Big and Small0

    by N Sathiya Moorthy  1 March 2021 The US national debt now stands at a record $ 29 trillion, up from, $ 23.4 trillion. According to Congressman Alex Mooney, the figure stood at  $ 23.4 trillion, or $ 72,309 upon the head of every American. Higher the debt now at $ 29 trillion, “that is

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  • Bangladesh: Torture, Custodial Deaths, and Unfair Trials after the 2009 Mutiny of the Bangladesh Rifles “The Fear Never Leaves Me” “The Fear Never Leaves Me” Map of Bangladesh Map of BDR Pilkhana Headquarters, Dhaka Summary Methodology I. The Bangladesh Rifles II. The February 25-26 Mutiny III. Abuses against Suspected Mutineers IV. Due Process and Fair Trials Concerns V. Recommendations Acknowledgements DOWNLOADS Download the full report Download the report in


    by William Milam     February 19, 2021 Just when I thought I had witnessed the ultimate in political hypocrisy at the end of Donald Trump’s historic and depressing impeachment trial, Sheikh Hasina – the prime minister of Bangladesh – has restored my faith that South Asian politicians can match any politician anywhere on the hypocrisy

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