From Afghanistan to World War III


-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

At the outset, it is made clear that the USA has no plan to leave Afghanistan ever and it has no plan to end the war in Syria as well for strategic reasons. Aggressors and invaders under some vague pretexts do not have the real intent to quit the invaded, occupied nations on their own. Americans have stated some reason to continue the military occupation and crimes.

Invasion of an Islamizing Afghanistan in 2001 following the Sept-11 hoax set the tone for the World War –III, targeting Islamic world and Islam and killing millions of Muslims. This was an idea of Neocons seeking to establish global US military hegemony over not only Russia and China but entire EU that cannot be defeated by any military alliances any time in future.

In embarking on a global war essentially on Islam, America relied on the global networks the CIA, Israeli Mossad and allies have created for the purpose.  These networks include some misguided Muslims/teams and some hypocritical Muslim rulers including Arab leaders who serve as US agents and assistants so that their enormous individual wealth, stolen from the nations they rule,  is protected by USA and UK, among other western powers.

US President Barack Obama had put forward a proposal to keep at least 5,000 American troops on the ground in Afghanistan beyond 2016, indefinitely as the Pentagon USA is not at all considering to withdraw its forces from the lands of brave Afghans. This means the decade long talk of Americans about complete withdrawal is yet another hoax to fool the world.

Thus Sept-11 hoax is strengthened by Afghan withdrawal hoax, and their intention obviously is to keep Islamic world under full terror control and in constant tensions.

US strategists think if USA and Nato completely withdraw themselves from the strategic Islamic nation in South Asia along the Silk Road which they occupy following the Sept-11 hoax,  Russians would reoccupy it, especially when its arch foe and cold war adversary is asserting its power in West Asia through Syria.

Such a wrong occupational move ended Obama’s promise cum plans to bring US troops home before he left office on January 20, 2017.

The White House asserts that no such decision or plan to end occupational genocides in Afghanistan or Ira or Syria has been made yet. This means the USA does not want to leave the occupied Muslim nations shortly, at least

The US President, including Donald Trump makes these kinds of policy decisions, by taking into account the advice that he regularly receives from the Pentagon and its allies including Israel’s notorious Mossad that are seeking to continue to attack Afghans until the planned energy routes are cleared for business and pipelines are laid to undertake “safe” flow of oil and gas to the West. The USA would like to test if the goals have been successfully achieved before taking a final decision if any at all.

Trump now like Obama before has a ‘responsibility’ to broaden his perspective and to make sure that he’s considering the full range of impacts of a final ‘withdrawal’ decision like this. “So the President wants to look at the long-term trajectory of our presence in Afghanistan, and factor in both what our experience has been in recent years, but also how best to account for the US  national security interests inside of Afghanistan,” Earnest said.

The USA has been actively and disastrously involved in Afghanistan — and this has been at the center of the President’s strategy for Afghanistan –keeps saying that Afghanistan cannot be used as a haven for terrorists (meaning Russia?) to plot and carry out attacks against the USA its “interests” around the world. This a bogus reason put forward by the USA in order both to sustain its destabilization cum genocides in Afghanistan and continue to occupy that the Islamic nation.

Media reports suggested that USA and NATO were killing Afghans and destroying their nation at the behest of Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies. Given secret relations between Saudi and USA that could be possible too.

Besides, USA also talks about accomplishing the security situation inside of Afghanistan before deciding to quit Afghanistan and has already trained big teams of military and police forces there. Washington also asks the puppet regime in Kabul to officially “plead” with US President to ask the US/Nato forces stay in Afghanistan indefinitely.

Media would report only the formal appeal being made by the Afghan government to the USA, but the truth about secret instructions from Washington are never even mentioned once. Obviously, GST (global state terror) media sheds all crimes by the USA and Nato as part of global security arrangement.

So cool and so clever guys!

US president says the US continues to work closely with Afghan security forces as they try to provide for their security.

To prolong the occupation of Afghanistan, USA has evolved a strategy of invoking ‘counterterrorism’ so that Afghan war continues indefinitely.  “There is US military personnel in Afghanistan that are conducting ‘counterterrorism’ operations to protect the American people, but also continuing to offer some training and advice to Afghan security forces that are trying to secure their country,” Earnest said. Such a proposal was presented in August by Gen Martin E Dempsey, the then-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Sept-11 hoax and illegal Afghan was to create military bases world over to secure US/NATO plans for future state terror attacks. The Dempsey plan envisions the US maintaining a few bases, perhaps two or three in every strategically important country, that could be used as “lily pads” to launch terror strikes against groups that threaten the US power

The NATO member countries and their allies, including non-NATO major allies like Pakistan, would help the USA establish military bases in their respective regions to threaten the entire world.

“Let us see who can dare oppose America?” 

The lily-pad bases would potentially house American drones and fighter jets as well as elite ‘counterterrorism’ troops and could be at Bagram air base north of Kabul and one or two other airfields.

For years, USA hatched a plan to dismantle the mighty Soviet Union and remove communism from the face of the earth and promote capitalism and go on imperialist wars to establish US military supremacy. The USA found Michael Gorbachev, who was fighting corruption nepotism and laziness in the Soviet nation, a natural ally to get the agenda realized.

And, Gorbachev, indeed not realizing the outcome of ending Cold war and communism, willingly played into the US hands. Interestingly, an actor Reagan could fool the USSR president and get the powerful Soviet Union dissolved, entire east Europe released from Soviet control.

Humanist in Gorbachev talked about world peace. Peace is the key word actor Reagan used to take Gorbachev on US board. While getting the Soviet Union to get the Berlin Wall dismantled and Soviet system wound up, Reagan assured Gorbachev of US desire for global peace and intention of peaceful international relations with the end of Cold War.  Boris Yeltsin, the first president of new post-Soviet Russia, did not take much time upon reversals from US relations to declare “Hot Peace.”

USA and EU have successfully bullied former allies of Soviet Union with certain attacks from the Kremlin, and this perception was reinforced when Precedent Putin decided to annex Crimea which was earlier a part of Russia.  Poland and the Baltic States drive themselves into a corner insisting on permanent NATO troops’ deployment on their territories and create conditions under which NATO could even frustrate some of its short-sighted member-states preferring to calm Russia to prevent the new Cold War. Three small Baltic nations Lithuania that border Russian territory, Latvia and Estonia joined NATO in 2004 for gaining protection from any possible attacks from Russia.  The Baltic States will willfully continue to urge the need for permanent of NATO forces regardless of potential political implications.

Poland and the Baltic States drive themselves into a corner insisting on permanent NATO troops’ deployment on their territories and create conditions under which NATO could even frustrate some of its short-sighted member-states preferring to calm Russia to prevent the new Cold War. Three small Baltic nations Lithuania that border Russian territory, Latvia and Estonia joined NATO in 2004 for gaining protection from any possible attacks from Russia.  The Baltic States will willfully continue to urge the need for permanent of NATO forces regardless of possible political implications.

The NATO Treaty in its Article Five, «Collective Defense», asserts that collective defense means that an attack against one ally is considered as an assault on all Allies. But now the USA is attacking Pakistanis even though Pakistan is a non-NATO ally. In other words, when Syria and Russia respond to Turkey’s aggression by counter-invading Turkey, the entire NATO alliance are automatically Treaty-obligated to ‘defend’ Turkey from that justified invasion of Turkey by Syria and by Syria’s Russian ally. But now the rule is irrelevant.

America’s President at that time in 1990, George Herbert Walker Bush, said privately to other NATO members, contradicting the message and assurances that he and his agents had verbally given to Mikhail Gorbachev saying that the Cold War was now at an end, «To hell with that! We prevailed, they didn’t». Bush was secretly committed to a military ‘victory’ over Russia, even though communism, which was the alleged cause of the Cold War, had ended. Bush wanted conquest; all subsequent US Presidents have followed along with that evil intent.

The insanity and evil that have reigned in the West since 1991 are now set on a Turkish hair-trigger. That gun – NATO – is pointed actually against everyone on this planet, even if a Turkish madman doesn’t pull its trigger immediately.

The continuation of NATO, after its counterpart the Warsaw Pact ended in 1991, is an insanity that’s driving the world inexorably toward World War III. The trigger for that war possibly is now being set by NATO member Turkey, which wants to invade neighboring Syria, and which has the support of the Gulf Cooperation Council (including the world’s biggest buyer of US weapons, Saudi Arabia) who are massing troops and weapons on Syria’s northern border, in preparation for an invasion southward into Syria.

Meanwhile, Russo-Turkey realignment has caused problems for the paid terror strategists in the USA. Russia might require Turkey to join the war in Syria on its side. But Turkey opposes Assad regime. Once they invade Syria from Turkish territory, it won’t be enough for the Syrian army and its Russian ally to wage war against them inside Syria, because the invaders will then need to be counter-attacked in order to be defeated, and so there will be an invasion of NATO-member Turkey – a counter-invasion, in defense against Syria’s invaders – a counter-invasion which, however morally necessary it will be, will trigger nuclear war.

Chain action-reaction could be disastrous.

Wars in Afghanistan and Syria may not end now as the USA never intends to end wars.


The most important cause of continued friction between USA and Russia even after Russia renounced communism and its allies, is the existence of NATO which increasingly becomes global terror organization. Russia which, as part of ending the so-called Cold war, had dismantled the Warsaw pact military organization in the East insists the USA on dismantling the western Nato which was created to defend capitalist-imperialist world from the communist threat but the USA refuses saying that the West must defend itself from all sorts of future threats and dismantling of Warsaw Pact or communism in Russia and East Europe has not made the world safe.

As Russia continued to pester the USA to dismantle the NATO which is a relic of Cold war, the Sept-11 hoax was enacted in perfection followed by several other terror attack events. USA has demonstrated that the world has enough potential for threats to US military supremacy.

This is the – after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact in 1991 – entirely unnecessary danger, and the blatant evil of NATO’s having been continued beyond the time when it should have terminated when and as the Warsaw Pact did in 1991.

In the process, millions of Muslims have been slaughtered by the NATO/US/Israel/India forces like wild beasts do to show their military prowess.  USA and Western GST media have shifted the focus from NATO to Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism, etc., and continue to occupy Afghanistan under various guises and kill Muslims mercilessly.

It appears after a secret WW-III exclusively on Islam an intensified open third world war looming large exclusively on Muslims, the Islamic world, and Islam, even if World War III is going to set between Russia and all NATO nations led by the USA.

North Korea and Iran are Russian allies. North Korea’s missile firing to test its latest  Hydrogen bomb has created jerk in the USA. Either Russia would abandon its ally there, which would mean for Russia to capitulate to NATO’s invasion of its ally, or else Russia would do its moral duty to its ally, and there would then be World War III, between Russia and all NATO nations, which would be an all-out nuclear war, which will end civilization and make all continued life on this planet intolerable.

A combined military of western powers has no parallel, no opposition. That is the victory of anti-Islamic forces in modern times.

Every moment of NATO’s existence has been a continuation of Bush’s lie. It has become a fatal lie now, because every subsequent US President has not only continued NATO but increased its membership, has expanded NATO all the way to Russia’s borders, and President Obama wants the next US President to culminate this, when he made clear recently, that the USA will quadruple American weaponry and troops on Russia’s border in a process that’s to be completed by 2017.

USA claims the NATO recognized that stability in Europe had increasing global linkages well beyond the confines of the Atlantic. The decision was to move NATO responsibilities “out of area.” USA would like to have Russia on NATO but without any veto status as it fears Russian abilities to make USA and EU look very small.

Presence of NATO threat still annoys Russia through both kill Syrians as per their secret plan. So, dismantle the NATO now to assure Moscow of the genuinely peaceful policy of the USA and Europe and to tell the world that they do not target Russia. The west can always revive the organization if Russia does not reform its policy of counter NATOism, causing tensions globally.

It is already too late!