• The Politics of Independence of Bangladesh

    The Politics of Independence of Bangladesh0

    Historians still do not have all the records they need to fully understand the freedom struggle of Bangladesh and offer a proper appreciation of the role of all the participants. Political parties remain justifiably attached to their founders; partisans attached to India and Pakistan also have their memories, points of view and all merit attention.

  • War Crimes & The Rule of Law

    War Crimes & The Rule of Law0

    Bangladesh, 40 years after gaining independence in a brutal civil war, is holding a tribunal to prosecute alleged war criminals. But the apparent lack of due process could undermine the tribunal’s credibility, leaving the ruling Awami League party vulnerable to accusations of political retribution. The International Crimes Tribunal of Bangladesh (ICT) has, in the last

  • State of Human Rights in Bangladesh

    State of Human Rights in Bangladesh4

    The internet, improved travel, and a 24 hour news media have made the incidences of gross violations of human rights around the world feel more immediate to us, and thus less tolerable.  The overreaches of the American security state notwithstanding, those of us living in consolidated democracies might feel somewhat insulated from these abuses. They

  • Under the influence of the “Left-Shoulder Djinni”

    Under the influence of the “Left-Shoulder Djinni”0

    [This is a modified version of the original, “The Yunus Affair: A Post-Mortem” by the author published in www.bangladeshchronicle.net on March 25, 2011 ] The inevitable has happened. May 12, 2011 will be remembered by some as a day of great victory, but by many others, perhaps millions, as a moment of national disgrace. On

  • Save the Rivers to Save Yourselves

    Save the Rivers to Save Yourselves2

    Rivers in any country are vital for the transportation, agriculture, recreation and livelihood of the people. They provide the riparian lifeline for plants, birds, fish, and animals living in the area, and for those stopping along their migration paths.  Each of these elements is significant to the economy of the eco-systems through which a river


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