• The Crucibles and Dilemmas of US State Building in Afghanistan

    The Crucibles and Dilemmas of US State Building in Afghanistan4

    The U.S. military intervention in Afghanistan, which began in 2001 as a presumably swift regime-change operation to drive the Taliban from power, morphed by the mid-2000s into a full-blown counterinsurgency against the Taliban’s effort to retake control of the country. In 2009, the Obama administration inherited the U.S. and international mission there in a condition

  • The War for Afghan Women

    The War for Afghan Women0

    After the launch of Operation Enduring Freedom, the burqa-clad Afghan woman became iconic as the poster-child for the war, “the visible sign of an invisible enemy that threatened not only ‘us’ citizens of the West but our entire civilization”. In the theater of war, the US drew on the classic dichotomy of good versus evil

  • Waziristan – The Drone Delusion

    Waziristan – The Drone Delusion0

    The British campaigner Jemima Khan has lately become vocal in her quest to put an end to US predator drone strikes against terrorist targets in Pakistan’s volatile tribal belt. In a recent television appearance, she claimed that “not only are they (drones) not targeting militants…but worse, they are creating militants because for every innocent person


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