Pakistan-Imran Khan: Till Death Do Him Apart


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by Mian Hameed      7 May 2022

The Uncertainty Reduction Theory explains communication “strategies to reduce the uncertainty regarding other human beings.” There are uncertainties regarding the ex-PM Khan, if removed, would eliminate the discomfort of the people due to uncertainty – Which is the crux of the theory. I attempt to remove the uncertainty in the life and death predicament of the ex-PM Imran Khan.

I will take a passive communication strategy; meaning, for example, “observing someone from a distance – say a potential romantic interest at a [park] – and determining information based upon those observations” to “explain someone’s behavior.” By doing so, I would have removed the discomfort created by uncertainty in human beings. Explains the theory.

During this interaction, I will observe the behavior of Khan and that of the other someone or the so many others involved. As the theory holds, removing uncertainties with communication will bring ‘comfort’ to the people. Unfortunately, this dark-side of the communication will bring a slight deviation from the theory. A comfort to someone is a matter of discomfort to another.

I have observed, that after the April vote of no confidence in the parliament, Khan is ousted. Seeing injustices, Khan took to stage a message – For the people to live with dignity and freedom – Rallied the masses – Pakistanis flooded the streets before him. Khan wants free and fair elections. A win with the two-third majority for Khan would be an underestimation.

Voices of reason in the interest of Pakistan are making appeals—begging Bajwa, to submit to the mandate of the masses. They require elections, but the pleas are falling on the deaf ears of the enemy of the State—the army chief Qamar Bajwa. Sentiments are composed of social media.

Khan will force Bajwa’s hand. Bajwa has but one choice. This is the “dark side of the communication that will bring comfort to someone, is a matter of discomfort to another.” Bajwa’s choice from my observation has groomed a foul sense. Liquidating Khan is a conceivable option.

The said premise stands on merit. For Bajwa’s brothers in arms, it is “difficult to discern whether it is a breach of discipline, mutiny, conspiracy with the enemies of Pakistan, or treason.”

Bajwa and the cadre ushered thugs into the current government system, “Sixty-six percent” cabinet members charged with crimes are out on bail. Only a cadre with foul senses could live with such a decision, or they themselves are thugs with their utter liking of other goons.

The mindboggling great fix, is committed in the open, clues you into Bajwa’s irrational and immoral decisions. The plot is boldly executed with no shame or qualms, is an “Open-Carry thuggery” from the open carry law (carrying gun in the open), by a brown soldier—Bajwa, the misbegotten son of Pakistan. The open carry law is for the brown soldiers (Joint Chiefs Chair Raza, DG ISI Anjum, Admiral Niazi, Air chief Sidhu, and the professionally defunct Corp commanders), and is not for the lessor-colored Pakistanis.

Bajwa is not alone in holding the foul senses of thuggery. Gen. Ziaul Haq was pressured by Gen. Arif and others to topple Bhutto’s government at the behest of the United States. Same cadence applies in ousting Khan.

It will be softening the blow to Pakistan to say that Bajwa, is unravelling the country’s financial solvency and the very core of the Pakistani societal decency is a frightening threat when Pakistan’s existence is at stake.

Bajwa, and the cadre is gunning to commit acts of crime against humanity. Their getaway-ride is planned to escape the legacy of the international tribunal where, “individuals can be tried and found personally responsible for these crimes.”

Bajwa, has become a man of crimes against a person, the people, the State, is presumed not innocent because he is found guilty of violating the egalitarian legal principles of the country. Meaning no group (thugs out on bail) has unique legal protections over another—the people.

From a yet another data point emerging in the forefront. The people have connected the dots—one of Bajwa’s handlers—the U.S. has resurfaced. On the Fox News, a U.S. Defense Analyst Rebecca Grant, in a mocking tone, told Gowdy, “Pakistan has now to make some choices, and the head of Pakistan army came out and said go Ukraine.” Bajwa, has reversed the Pakistan State’s Russia policy to remain neutral under the Khan’s government.

Grant said, ”Pakistan needs to support Ukraine. Stop looking for deals with Russia right now. Limit their involvement with China […] and stop the anti-American policies that are [a] part of the reasons that Imran Khan their Prime Minister got voted out of office […] So it is time to cool off anti American and pro Russia policy. This is not the right time.”

These Pakistani men of devoid have earned a soft corner in India. India took to print that the ISI chief, Anjum “wants to use the global penetration of Sikh separatists to fuel unrest in India.” Yes, the timing makes it a tactical praise, and the cadre, the sons of India.

The aforementioned backdrop has communicated to you the behaviors from my observation. There is consensus on the social media that if Bajwa, agrees to early elections that the people will forgive his mistake – A mistake of allegedly turning into a neutral that resulted in hurting the sensitivities, correctness and pride of the majority people and put into question the integrity of their country.

This is Bajwa’s bad decision, time and again. Bajwa, has owned it when meeting the retired and the serving officers and through the voice of the DG ISPR. Then what is stopping Bajwa to correct the path? Ego or his drunk belligerent handler?

Bajwa, is not backing down. His unflinching stance points to cues taken from a script. Hence, if not conclusive, it appears that Bajwa’s handlers will not permit him to backdown from the assurances given and favors received.

Not that Bajwa does not realize the consequences of his actions – The Arab Spring and Libya to duplicate in Pakistan is a reality, the people embracing Jihad a possibility, and knowing there is no character left among the corrupt, maniacal and the rouge generals, the army firing upon her people is an imminent catastrophe.

Bajwa, knowing the consequences of his decision, and not respecting the wishes of the masses as the seas, leaves Bajwa with a course to hold—to allow the turmoil, which can willingly or unwillingly accommodate the assassination of Imran Khan.

By removing the uncertainties, I place Khan and Pakistan on a borrowed lifeline. Clues abound. It is evident from a message delivered to Khan, suggesting to agree to elections in six months. If accepted by Khan, it will be the physical death warrant of Khan and the country. Simply put, delay tactics is means to handle a difficult situation. From delays, Bajwa, creates space to end the situation—the end of Khan and Pakistan.

An observation from Khan’s planned rallies leading to the Islamabad long march end of May is yet to play out. To think that Bajwa may change his mind from a point of no return is wishful thinking. The corrupt, despotic and kleptocratic generals from the General Head Quarter (GHQ) aim to surface with a vengeance.

For Pakistanis, in this case, the Uncertainty Reduction Theory has not worked. From my passive communication strategy, to help predict behavior, though I have reduced the uncertainty about various human beings, but has brought an increased discomfort than the discomfort prevailed before my passive communication.

The late Gen. Hamid Gul was aware of this Uncertainty Reduction Theory. Gen. Gul adopted an inter-active communication strategy to remove the discomfort found among people from the uncertainty. His inter-active communication is captured in a widely viewed video clip on the social media.

I paraphrase from the video, ‘A void will be created after the defeat of Americans and its coalition in Afghanistan. To fill that void, you need internal unity and to make Jihad against the foreign internal meddling. A one, clear and imminent foreign internal meddling will come in the shape of a puppet regime imposed upon you.’  Pakistan is facing it today, which the late Gen. Gul predicted some eleven years ago.

The late spy master Gen. Hamid Gul, was strategic about mitigating the discomforts explained in the Uncertainty Reduction Theory. Mitigating at times by taking organizational action. Gen. Gul created an organization, consisting of the ex-army personnel to act as the defenders of the country. Khan and the people have taken up after Gen. Gul’s stated Jihad without belonging to any organization.

Khan has spoken, his life is in danger. Khan has stated that he is willing to die. With Bajwa’s questionable allegiance to the State of Pakistan and with a disruptive threat to humanity evident, I am hesitant to say, Allah has willed, the Angel Azrael (A. Salam), the angel of death has made the maiden voyage to Pakistan.

Thank you.