• Shrinking Democratic Space In Kashmir – Analysis0

    • Blog
    • October 29, 2018

    Shrinking Democratic Space In Kashmir October 29, 2018 Observer Research Foundation By Ritu Sharma* The Indian Government has been for long using elections as an indicator of normalcy in Kashmir. But, if the Urban Local Bodies elections in the Valley after a gap of 13 years are anything to go by, it explicitly points towards

  • Highway project poses grave danger to Himalayas: a multimedia report0

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    • October 28, 2018

    Highway project poses grave danger to Himalayas: a multimedia report The Char Dham highway project to connect four Hindu shrines has become contentious, with local residents and environmentalists saying that it endangers the fragile mountain ecosystem Hridayesh Joshi, October 25, 201 Suraj Singh Ramola stared at his ruined farmland at the gateway to four important

  • Gods are male, they hate women: Why fighting for entry to temples is futile0

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    • October 27, 2018

    TASLIMA NASREEN 27 October, 2018   Women devotees protest against the Supreme Court verdict on the entry of women of all ages into the Sabarimala Lord Ayyappa Temple | PTI   For women, fight for independence is much more important than entry to temples like Sabarimala. The protests against the Supreme Court Sabarimala temple order

  • Hindutva in Chicago0

    • Blog
    • October 27, 2018

    BY SLOK GYAWALI 26 OCTOBER 2018 The World Hindu Congress in Chicago and the Hindu right’s plans to rebrand their ideology. Delegates at the 2018 World Hindu Congress in Chicago, US. Photo: Were it not for the statuette of a cow outside the adjoining Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse, it would be impossible to distinguish the Westin

  • Book Review: Shards of memory – The harsh light of Kashmir reflected in new fiction0

    BY FRENY MANECKSHA 15 OCTOBER 2018 The harsh light of Kashmir reflected in new fiction Photo: Kashmir Global / Flickr In the mounting heap of blood-soaked images, I have a recurrent dream about Kashmir: a night filled with desolation and toxic smoke. I hear women wailing in the distance. The ground is abysmal and shaky. The

  • Joint India-China training of Afghan diplomats: Who gains?0

    • Blog
    • October 27, 2018

    Running a joint India-China program to train Afghan diplomats may be good for projecting China as a benign power, but it is a far cry from initiating a joint economic project in Afghanistan, writes Lt Gen Prakash Katoch (Retd.) for South Asia Monitor By Lt Gen Prakash Katoch (retd)  OCT 24, 2018 The informal summit between


  • Is Growing Populism threat to Liberal Democracies…?0

    by Muzamil Yaqoob    14/6/2018 Francis Fukuyama, the US-based political scientist, argued in the early half of the nineteen-nineties that with the triumph of western liberal democracy the ideological evolution of humankind is completed. Liberal Democracy, he says ‘is now an ideal for all the states of the globe.’ As many political commentators believe that,


    by Qur Tul Ain Hafeez    14/6/2018 Pakistan has been trying to acquire the membership of the 48 member Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) for the past several years. Its quest for the NSG membership is not only limited to gain parity with India but, to meet the growing energy demands also. The international community is

  • 28th NSG Plenary: National Interests or Non-proliferation Norms0

    By: Ahyousha Khan      14/6/2018 Another year has elapsed, and future of South Asian non-NPT states aspiring to become a member of Nuclear Suppliers Group is still hanging in the air. Now as 28th NSG plenary is approaching, the time has come to see whether the efforts made by India and Pakistan will be

  • Defending Kashmir: Book Review0

    “History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.” This remark made by Napoleon Bonaparte is quite right in the context of India-Pakistan wars. Both the countries since partition defend their respective versions of past and continue to do so until today. Numerous accounts have been written on Kashmir war

  • Whither the Kurds?0

    This story was originally published in Europa Ethnica, Vol. ½, 2018 By James M. Dorsey Palestinians have long been known for a history of missing opportunities. By contrast, Kurds spread across several Middle Eastern nations appeared to have a keener understanding of geopolitics and were seemingly willing to embrace the art of the possible. All

  • Book review: Left, Right and Centre: The Idea of India0

    by Aejaz Ahmad Wani      11/6/2018 There has been much fuss about nationalism in India in the past few years. Catchphrases such as national/anti-national, anti-Hindu, anti-State, Sickularity, and intolerance have kept coming up in public sphere. This is nothing but a contestation on the Idea of India, whether the idea of India is reducible

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