• World Heritage Treasures under coal threats

    World Heritage Treasures under coal threats0

    Dr. Adil Khan and Dr. Amy Macmahon The Sundarbans and the Great Barrier Reef While climate change threats to environment remain real and loom large , the Sundarbans in Bangladesh and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, , two of World’s greatest heritage treasures face the danger of extinction due to use (proposed) of coal



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    • October 15, 2016

    The eighth BRICS Summit, taking place in Goa in India on 16th October 2016 and attended by the five members of the group namely India, China, Brazil, Russia and South Africa has aroused considerable curiosity around the world. The curiosity is mainly about whether the BRICS summit would aid in easing the tension in the

  • The Status of Ethnic Minorities in Post-War Sri Lanka

    The Status of Ethnic Minorities in Post-War Sri Lanka3

    Sri Lanka had a long period of ethnic civil war that lasted for over two decades. During 1983-2009, the island was witness to episodic violence, terror, and bloodshed. The long history of civil war between the Sinhalese and Sri Lankan Tamils played a crucial role in shaping the politics of Sri Lanka.  Post-war; with the

  • Maldives quits C’wealth, Nasheed too going to UNHRC

    Maldives quits C’wealth, Nasheed too going to UNHRC0

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    • October 14, 2016

    In a none-too-unanticipated move, the Maldivian Government of President Abdulla Yameen has announced its decision to quit the Commonwealth. In doing so, the Government has accused the UK-centric inter-governmental body of “undermining sovereignty and independence, interfering in domestic affairs, and treating the country “unfairly and unjustly”. In a double-whammy of sorts earlier for the British-centric,



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    • October 12, 2016

    The recent cancellation of the 19th summit of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) that was scheduled to take place in Islamabad on November, 15 and 16,   has led to serious doubts as to whether SAARC can fulfill its objectives and remain as a useful forum that would be beneficial to the eight nations

  • India’s ‘surgical strikes’ and the SAARC Summit

    India’s ‘surgical strikes’ and the SAARC Summit0

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    • October 12, 2016

    The Indian army’s ‘surgical-strikes’ on ‘terror launch-pads’ inside Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) has received as much moral support from almost all Governments in South Asia as from within the country and all across the world. While coming down on terrorism, and thus Pakistan in this context, neighbourhood nations are as unsure about the future course as


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  • Karan Thapar | Horrors of 1947 Partition: A selective remembrance?

    Deccan Chronicle Aug 20, 2021   Narendra Modi’s crudely named Partition Horrors remembrance Day is a very different thing  Put simply, the Partition of 1947 was the tearing apart of our undivided subcontinent. (AP Photo) A “remembrance day” should be an occasion when people unite in recalling an event that should never be forgotten. That

  • Perennial Onslaught on Freedom of Cyberspace in Kashmir and Two years of the Abrogation of Article 370

    by Rohini Dahiya & Towseef Ahmad Dar Living under siege and through one of the longest internet shutdowns in any democracy, people from the erstwhile State of Jammu and Kashmir continue to deal with its aftermath. The 5th August 2021 marked the second anniversary of the abrogation of the State’s constitutional status as under Article

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