• World politics explainer: the Iranian Revolution0

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    • September 19, 2018

    Protests during the Iranian Revolution, 1978 represent broader struggles across the region between secular and Islamic models of governance playing out. Wikicommons Mehmet Ozalp, Charles Sturt University This article is part of our series of explainers on key moments in the past 100 years of world political history. In it, our authors examine how and

  • What Pakistan’s minorities expect from Imran Khan0

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    • September 19, 2018

      Recent priorities expect from Imran Khan to grant citizenship to Bengali and Afghan refugees has been well received but doubts remain A Pakistani man sits near a poster of Pakistan’s cricketer-turned politician and head of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (Movement for Justice) party Imran Khan, in Islamabad in this July 30, 2018 file photo. (Photo

  • Sri Lankan villagers affected by ash from coal power plant0

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    • September 18, 2018

      Villagers claim Chinese-funded coal power plant is affecting their health and livelihoods Lakvijaya Coal Power Plant was commissioned in 2011 under the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime. Villagers claim ash emissions have become a health issue. ( photo) reporter, Norochcholai Sri Lanka September 18, 2018 Sri Lankan farmer Sebastian Fernando used to cultivate beetroot before his

  • China’s Crackdown on Muslims0

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    • September 18, 2018

    The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, or East Turkestan as preferred by some residents, is China’s largest region. The region is home to 21 million people, most of whom are Uyghurs, Kazakhs and others who share the Muslim faith. The region accounts for less than 2 percent of China’s population, yet 21 percent of all arrests

  • Indian Kashmir Shuts Down Following Weekend Bloodshed0

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    • September 17, 2018

    Peerzada Mohammad Amin Srinagar, India 2018-09-17 Relatives wail over the body of Mukhtar Ahmad Malik, a soldier who was killed by suspected militants at his home in Indian Kashmir’s Kulgam district, Sept. 17, 2018. Sheikh Mashooq/BenarNews Separatist groups ordered shopkeepers in Indian Kashmir to close their businesses Monday to protest the killings of at least

  • India’s Economic Vision 2022 can lift living standards of South Asia0

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    • September 17, 2018

    It is time for the neighbouring countries to realize that if India’s GDP grows at 9% in the next 20 to 30 years, then the per capita income will also rise, from US$ 1500 to US$ 7000 per annum, according to the report by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, which will significantly enable them to reach a higher income



    by N.S. Venkataraman           28/5/2018 Protest against Sterlite copper project in Tamil Nadu, India which resulted in violence and the subsequent decision to close down the unit by the state government has been widely reported all over the world and has caused concern amongst the investors. In recent times, some industrial projects,

  • India: The common thread running through TN protests0

      N Sathiya Moorthy, 28 May 2018  In the circumstances, an independent probe alone would establish the truth, starting from Koodangulam. It is more so in the case of Marina violence over Jallikattu, which may even at this late hour hold a candle to the events and developments in Thoothukudi, says  N Sathiya Moorthy. Given a chance,

  • Sri Lanka: Holding the flock together or what0

      N Sathiya Moorthy,  28 May 2018 Reports that ruling UNP ‘Leader’ and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe held at least one round of talks with the existing allies of the loosely-knit United National Front (UNF) part of the present government combine makes for interesting reading. If the talks were to lead to the UNP-UNF obtaining

  • Why does India want CBMs surrounding Pakistan’s naval developments?0

    by Uzge S. Saleem       27/5/2018 In 2017, India tested its Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM) from a nuclear-powered submarine. India did not realize that the move had somehow destabilized the region, it did not feel guilty of taking the war into the Indian Ocean, and it did not hear anything over the triumph

  • Pakistan – Youm-e-Takbeer: History and Significance0

    Asma Khalid      27/5/2018 28th May this year marks the 20th anniversary of the historical moment when Pakistan successfully detonated nuclear devices in the Chagai district, Balochistan; and joined the prestigious club of nuclear weapon states. Pakistan was compelled to test the atomic weapon in response to a series of nuclear tests by India

  • Modi vs rest of India0

      N Sathiya Moorthy  27 May 2018   Whoever has lamented the BJP losing the chance to rule Karnataka despite being the ‘single-largest party’ do not know the nation’s political past over the decades – or, they do not want to remember. Among them, whoever believes that the party leadership should not have rushed through ministry-formation

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  • End of Year Editorial; Evolving Political Dynamics in South Asia

    By M. Adil Khan, Guest Editor 2018 has been an eventful year for South Asia especially at the political level. During 2018 several countries in the region have had their elections and these elections have altered their political pictures. In others preparations for elections are underway and yet in others sub-national elections and their outcomes

  • 2018 Bangladesh General Election: A Time for Stock-taking and Pondering the Stakes

      By Adil Khan and Habib Zafarullah*    4 December 2018 The 2018 Bangladesh General Election scheduled on December 30, 2018 marks the end of two consecutive terms of the ruling Awami League (AL), first ever by any political party since 1991, the year a combined opposition movement against a decade long dictatorship resurrected and re-introduced

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