• Bangladesh And Nuclear Power: Significance For India0

    Illustration of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant in Bangladesh.    June 2, 2018 IPCS     By Tarika Rastogi The Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant (RNPP) in Bangladesh has the potential to re-energise India-Russia cooperation and significantly enhance India’s geopolitical clout and standing in the nuclear community. The RNPP (whose construction began in 2013) will be Bangladesh’s first and

  • Afghanistan: Taliban, ‘Talks’ And Blind Optimism0

     June 2, 2018 SATP     By Ajit Kumar Singh* The latest round of efforts to bring Taliban to ‘talks table’ has commenced. Sounding optimistic, Atturahman Saleem, Deputy of Afghanistan’s High Peace Council (HPC), when asked whether the Council would wait for a Taliban response, stated on May 20, 2018, “Absolutely. Necessary pressures, military, political and religious,

  • Pakistan Reflects on Nuclear Achievement in Run Up to Election0

    June 4, 2018 | Bennett Seftel Photo: iStock/India-Pakistan Wagah Border Closing Ceremony Bottom Line:   Pakistani citizens are heading to the polls next month in a public display of democracy and choice. Yet, with Pakistan’s military continuing to play a leading role in the country’s political affairs, it seems that the upcoming elections will once again

  • Rohingya reluctant to return home despite UN deal0

    Myanmar authorities accused of trying to divert attention from atrocities committed by its military Rohingya refugee Jokhir Ahmend at Balukhali refugee camp in Bangladesh, where 700,000 Rohingya Muslims are preparing for the monsoon season. (Photo by Munir Uz Zaman/AFP) John Zaw, Mandalay Myanmar June 1, 2018 A deal between the Myanmar government and United Nations agencies has

  • India ‘insincere’ about seeking peace in Kashmir0

    Separatist groups insist Pakistan must be part of any talks if the long-running conflict is to end Indian security personnel and protesters clash following a gun battle between security forces and suspected rebels in Srinagar in Kashmir on May 5. (Photo by Habib Naqash/AFP) Umar Manzoor Shah, Srinagar India June 1, 2018 India’s renewed offer to hold

  • The Maldives: Lessons for Small States in a Changing World0

    No. 092/2018 dated 4 June 2018 The Maldives: Lessons for Small States in a Changing World By Han Fook Kwang Synopsis The Maldives is facing both internal political turmoil and external challenges from the changing geopolitical landscape in the Indian Ocean. There are lessons here for small states seeking to protect their sovereignty. Commentary THE


  • Pak-China-Russia Nexus Implications for South Asian Region0

      Munazza Khalid[i] and Hafsa Andleeb[ii] Introduction South Asia has become a hot cake for international players like Russia, China and US. China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and growing difference in the world order has changed the perception of the world community and has drawn its attention towards south Asia. Recent Indo-US economic and military

  • China’s Strategic Partnership with Bangladesh in 21st Century0

    Abu Sufian Shamrat and Md. Kashem Ali Abstract: Bangladesh, a developing country from South Asia, has become a ‘focus of attention’ to a steadily increasing global power named China which is an emerging catalyst of policy management in Asia. China has been able to flourish its economic, political, military and cultural posture in such a

  • Anticipated harder US policy towards Iran magnifies Iranian Arab protest0

    By James M. Dorsey     31/3/2018 Protests have erupted in Iran’s oil-rich province of Khuzestan barely three months after the Islamic republic was rocked by mass anti-government demonstrations. Sparked by anger at the depiction of the province’s community of Arab descent on an Iranian New Year show about the country’s diversity that was broadcast on

  • Why Scams Are Here to Stay0

    Book Review ‘Corruption is a problem of political economy.’ We live in the midst of scams and scandals- a scoundrel times, but simultaneously we also have become accustomed to corruption. The book under review is an attempt to get the measure of political corruption in contemporary India and see what could be done to combat

  • Will the real Pakistan stand up, please?0

      By James M. Dorsey       29/3/2018 Two headlines this month beg the question US officials have been grappling with for more than a decade: Will the real Pakistan stand up, please? Pakistan’s The News reported that the government had designated Islamabad as a pilot project to regulate Friday prayer sermons in the city’s

  • Better Border Management is the Solution for India and Pakistan0

    After every terror attack in India in the past few years, there is an escalation in rhetoric for taking punitive action against perpetrators within and outside the country. These developments have escalated military, diplomatic and political tensions between India and Pakistan, which are a grave cause of concern since both are nuclear powers and Pakistan

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