• Kashmir: how conflicting narratives have ignited the fire

    Kashmir: how conflicting narratives have ignited the fire0

    For nearly seven decades, nuclear-armed neighbors Pakistan and India have been disputing the territorial status of a region that is an essential part of their founding identities. Pakistan and India’s vilification campaigns against each other over Kashmir have intensified in recent months, igniting an untamable fire. Kashmiris are caught in the middle of two narratives,

  • Sri Lanka’s State of Reconciliation

    Sri Lanka’s State of Reconciliation0

    Despite the intensity of the ethnic conflict, reconciliation always remained an attractive scheme or slogan for many civil society actors and political figures in Sri Lanka. With the end of the war in 2009, reconciliation transformed into an integral part of the political discourse. Many believed that the termination of the LTTE bestowed an opportunity

  • India, Pakistan And J&K: The Tragedy Of Complacence

    India, Pakistan And J&K: The Tragedy Of Complacence0

    In the worst ever attack in terms of fatalities of Army personnel since terrorism began in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) in 1988, at least 17 Army personnel were killed and another 19 were injured when terrorists stormed the administrative base of one of the units of the Indian Army near the



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    • September 26, 2016

    It is now several decades since China invaded and occupied Tibet and gained complete military control over the land. While many Tibetans entered India as refugees after the Chinese occupation, a large section of Tibetan population had no alternative other than remaining in the country and submitting themselves to the military dictatorship of China and

  • Pakistan and NSG: Countering the Cards

    Pakistan and NSG: Countering the Cards0

    Notwithstanding proactive lobbying, assertive US backing and overwhelming support for India’s bid for the membership, India is still struggling hard for the Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG) membership while the plenary meeting of NSG also concluded with a sharp setback for India. The chances for a favorable outcome were already bleak for India’s inclusion, but two

  • Sri Lanka: Cauvery violence reverberates across the Palk Strait

    Sri Lanka: Cauvery violence reverberates across the Palk Strait0

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    • September 26, 2016

    In an unprecedented move, Sri Lankan Tamil political parties have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the Cauvery-centric attacks on their Indian Tamil brethren in the neighbouring state of Karnataka. Some partners in the mainstay Tamil National Alliance (TNA) are signatories to the letter, but neither TNA Leader of the Opposition in parliament, R


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  • Myanmar: Is it time for the West to Engage The United Wa State Army?

    Many regional observers suggest that China directs a well-trained, motivated, disciplined proxy army of 30,000 soldiers controlling territory with major cities; agriculture, mining, and industry. At one time this group was considered to be the number one producer of heroin in the world. They now appear to be a global leader in the manufacture Amphetamine

  •  The Rising Scourge of Linguistic corruption in Bangladesh

    By Dr Obaidul Hamid     16 September 2020 In Bangladesh, corruption meaning deliberate financial misuse and misappropriation needs no new debate. For several years in a row, Transparency International has consistently ranked Bangladesh as one among 10 most corrupt countries in the world. What about linguistic corruption? Not many in Bangladesh are aware of the

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