• Failed water strategy threatens national existence0

    Shahid Islam   IN many countries, an April showering often facilitates May flowering.  Not in Bangladesh. This year’s April shower has caused havoc across the country, compounded by Indian intentional or accidental release of more toxic waters that had overflowed many of Bangladesh’s backwater swamps and lowlands known as haors.  The devastation came on the

  • Aren’t Rohingyas Bengalis, and Arakan integral to Bangladesh?0

    Taj Hashmi   Every society has certain taboos – cultural/religious, social, and political – set apart and designated as restricted or forbidden to associate with, or even to bring in ordinary discussion. The Rohingya issue (for some strange reasons) seems to be such a taboo in Bangladesh. Both people and government here don’t want to

  • Turkish President Erdogan’s India visit!0

    -Dr. Abdul Ruff Turkey, the only Muslim European power, is an important NATO member and a close ally of USA. Turkey-US relations bloomed and blossomed thanks to what the Americans perceived as a permanent Russian threat to the world on ideological grounds. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited India on an official two-day trip from


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