• Review of the Working of National Family Health Survey (NFHS) In India0

    • Blog
    • December 28, 2017

      Aijaz Ahmad Turrey   National Family Health Survey (NFHS) The National Family Health Survey (NFHS) is conducted all over India, taking a representative sample of households. It is a broad survey piloted at different levels highlighting information about health for the entire country. Until now three rounds of the survey have been conducted­­ –

  • India’s Nuclear Strategy: A Shift to Counterforce0

    • Blog
    • December 28, 2017

    Asma Khalid South Asian security landscape tends to comprise of belligerence, increasing arms race, potential changes in nuclear strategies or doctrines, and absence of nuclear risk reduction measures. These factors have urged the security strategists to analyze the risks of ‘shifting strategic logic’ and ‘growing military capabilities’ of India. Recent debates on South Asian security

  • Buying Arts to Bury Resistance0

    • Blog
    • December 28, 2017

      Zaahid Mushtaq   Arts and Artists occupy a unique role in the society. Through a diversity of approaches, they explore new terrains that words alone are incapable of describing. Art can address issues, help solve problems and even help serve as a ‘public psychiatrist’ that surfaces social anxieties. People ultimately need to be reminded

  • CPEC: Opportunity for Iran and Pakistan0

    • Blog
    • December 28, 2017

    Historically, Iran and Pakistan enjoyed friendly relations, and this relationship has noticeably improved in the recent years. The two countries have been successful in harmonizing their differences over Afghanistan where they have no more to enter into contestation, given Iran’s reconciliation with the Taliban and the two countries’ common threat perceptions over the rise of

  • Chess Tournament puts Sports Governance and Saudi Change under the Microscope0

    • Blog
    • December 26, 2017

    By James M. Dorsey Saudi Arabia’s hosting of an international chess tournament focuses attention on the fundamental problem wreaking havoc in international sports governance and shines a spot light on the limitations of covert Saudi-Israeli cooperation in confronting Iran and political Islam and the Palestinians’ ability to be a game spoiler. By seducing the World

  • Diverging Trajectories in Bangladesh: Islamic State vs al-Qaeda0

    • Blog
    • December 25, 2017

      Publication: Terrorism Monitor Volume: 15 Issue: 23 By: Nathaniel Barr Bangladeshi Muslims attend the funeral of activist Xulhaz Mannan (Source: AP) Al-Qaeda and Islamic State have adopted divergent strategies in their competition for dominance in Bangladesh. Al-Qaeda has sought to build popular support by exploiting the grievances of the country’s political Islamists, and by

  • China ‘stirring up’ anti-India discourse in neighbourhood?0

    • Blog
    • December 23, 2017

    N Sathiya Moorthy, 22 December 2017 At a time when New Delhi continues to be guarded in its comments on sovereignty-centric independent decisions of its neighbours, the new extra-regional player in China, seeking a fast-tracked proactive regional role, seems wanting to provoke internal anti-India debates in individual South Asian nations. The idea is obvious: to try

  • How Facebook’s Secret Unit Created India’s Troll Armies For Digital Propaganda To Influence Elections0

    • Blog
    • December 23, 2017

    Just days after GreatGameIndia exposed how American and Japanese companies could be hacking Indian elections, a recent Bloomberg report has revealed how a secret unit of Facebook has helped create troll armies for governments around the world including India for digital propaganda to influence elections. By Shelley Kasli December 22, 2017 Share on Facebook Tweet on


  • Afghanistan’s Overstayed House guest : US Strategic Regional Interests0

      By Adnan Qaiser,   January 8, 2018   Winston Churchill held the view that Americans can be trusted to do the right thing; only after having exhausted all other alternatives. Defying common sense and international counsel to bring about a political solution in Afghanistan, US has not only reenergized its (aerial-dominated) military campaign to defeat

  • Covert wars: Iran and Saudi Arabia revisit their strategies0

    By James M. Dorsey Expressions of support by US President Donald J. Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu have provided the grist for Iranian claims that anti-government protests were instigated by foreign powers. The largely baseless assertions offer nonetheless insight into the very different strategies adopted by Iran and Saudi Arabia in their vicious

  • A game of chess: Gulf crisis expands into the Horn of Africa0

      By James M. Dorsey        January 3, 2018 The six-month-old Gulf crisis has expanded to the Horn Africa, potentially fuelling simmering regional conflicts. Renewed fears of heightened tension in the Horn, a region pockmarked by foreign military bases that straddles key Indian Ocean trade roots with its 4,000-kilometre coastline, was sparked by

  • Afghanistan Mining Potential, Challenges And Way Forward0

    By Mohammad Ismail Amin       January 2, 2018 Afghanistan’s strategic location is not only of an immense importance but also the tremendous natural resources the country possesses. According to AISA research, there are various types of valuable minerals in Afghanistan that are yet to be unearthed. Afghanistan potential as a rich country in terms

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