• In Recording, Chilling Proof That Hasina’s War on Drugs Involves Extra-Judicial Killing0

    Phone call first captures single kill shot, then further shots as Bangladesh security forces discuss how to fake gun battle with dead man. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Credit: Reuters Tasneem Khalil SOUTH ASIA 16/JUN/2018 Before his death, Ekramul Haque had three brief phone conversations with his daughter. He made the first call from his

  • Myanmar’s violent road to ‘peace’0

    BY TEACIRCLEOXFORD,  JUNE 7, 2018  Angshuman Choudhury analyses the recent bouts of rebel-military violence in Myanmar and assesses their implications for the peace process ahead. On 21 May 2018, the Myanmar government announced that the third edition of the 21stCentury Panglong Conference (also known as the Union Peace Conference) will be held in mid-June instead of end of

  • I visited the Rohingya camps in Myanmar and here is what I saw0

    A camp for displaced Rohingyas in the city of Sittwe in western Myanmar. Cresa Pugh, CC BY Cresa Pugh, Harvard University Myanmar recently claimed to have repatriated its first Rohingya refugee family. But, as an official from the United Nations noted, the country is still not safe for the return of its estimated 700,000 Rohingya

  • Building lives of young brick makers in Pakistan0

    Bonded labor in slave-like conditions continues to plague the country despite a prohibition Christian True Spirit Bhatta (brick kiln) school at National Bricks 2, a brick kiln in Kasur district Punjab Province. (Photo by  Kamran Chaudhry/ Kamran Chaudhry, Kasur Pakistan June 15, 2018 Neha Rehmat and her siblings make more than 3,000 bricks every day before going

  • Karzai Blames U.S., Pakistan For Afghanistan Chaos0

    Photo: Snapshot of Hamid Karzai’s Interview with NTV Russia. Courtesy: Office of Hamid Karzai. By Kalinga Seneviratne    16/6/2018 BONN (IDN) – Former Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has blamed the United States and Pakistan for the chaos created in his country over the past two decades. He firmly believes that the West, including Germany, should

    By IDN
  • Serious questions and doubts hang over the new MOU signed between the United Nations and the government of Burma0

    By Mark Farmaner, Director, Burma Campaign UK Serious questions and doubts hang over the new MOU signed between the United Nations and the government of Burma on a supposed framework for creating conditions for safe return for Rohingya refugees. For a start, to date, it’s a secret deal. It’s about the Rohingya but the Rohingya


  • Strategic Challenges of Bangladesh’s Space Age0

    Abu Sufian Shamrat     4/6/2018 Bangladesh’s space age has begun with the successful launch of Bangabandhu-1 satellite by SpaceX into orbit on 11 May, providing Bangladesh the status of one of the 57 nations having own satellite. As the country is developing in terms of economic development, growth, GDP, women empowerment, human resource development, expanding


      by N.S. Venkataraman    4/6/2018 Whenever petrol or diesel price is increased, there used to be animated discussions in the print, visual and social media in India. However, when the price comes down, there would be a deafening silence. Now, with the petrol/diesel price staying at a high level, Modi government is being accused

  • Tibetan Refugees’ Incessant Sojourn in Nepal and India0

    By Hari Prasad Shrestha     4/6/2018 Khamsum Wangdu and his younger brother Kunsang Namgyal, Tibetan refugees achieved the opportunity to study at the University of Kathmandu’s dental school on scholarship. However, in 2015 they were denied the right to take the final licensing exam owing to their statelessness. However, the brothers later that year got

  • Sri Lanka And the World: Whither Political Prudence? 0

    June 2, 2018 By Asanga Abeyagoonasekera There is piercing hopelessness for the future when listening to certain political rhetoric in Sri Lanka. The International Workers Day, a day to remember workers’ rights, was initiated from the 1886 Haymarket affair in Chicago. It grew from a general strike for the eight-hour workday and has over time

  • Sri Lanka: TNA deserves a positive response0

      N Sathiya Moorthy  5 June 2018 In a recent interview to a Tamil newspaper, M A Sumanthiran, TNA parliamentarian and international spokesman, has made an offer that sections of the Sinhala polity truly desirous of a political solution to the ‘ethnic issue’ cannot resist. Unless the idea of a new Constitution is to use the

  • Sri Lanka – The sinner and the stone-pelter0

      N Sathiya Moorthy    Colombo     3 June 2018 As more skeletons keep tumbling out of the ‘bonds scam’ cupboard, it is becoming increasingly clear that very few political parties and fewer still of their leaders, especially elected representatives, may have dipped their fingers in the till than believed so far. If President Maithiripala Sirisena-led SLFP’s

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  • The Rohingyas – Inside Myanmar’s Hidden Genocide, book review

    The scale and nature of the violence unleashed by the Myanmar authorities against the Rohingya have prompted a top United Nations official to describe the operation as a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing.” Human Rights Watch has concurred, and Amnesty International has called for an investigation into these criminal acts. The violence, underpinned by the

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