• Religious bias seen in India revising citizenship claims0

      Bengali Muslims in Assam fear they could be deported to Bangladesh after publication of list Registrar General Shri Sailesh (right) and National Register of Citizens state coordinator Prateek Hajela talk to media in Guwahati on July 30 about a draft citizenship list that has sparked fears of deportation of largely Bengali-speaking Muslims. (Photo by Biju Boro/AFP) Nirendra Dev, New

  • India: Intolerance’s Threat to Liberalism0

    Liberalism – and the values of liberty, equality, individual dignity, tolerance, and freedom from bigotry and extremism – are under siege around much of the world, including the world’s largest democracy. India inherited an appreciation for liberal values as a result of British colonialism, underscoring the paradox that a system aspiring for ideals cannot rest

  • Who Is Kamala Khan and Why Is She So Damn Important for Representation?0

    Benny Phi Proud trans person of color. Student based in Minneapolis, MN. Jul 13  2018 Who Is Kamala Khan and Why Is She So Damn Important for Representation? Uncovering Marvel Comics’ next Ms. Marvel in line A spread from G. Willow Wilson on Ms. Marvel Vol. 7 Today, I was given a comic book as a gift. I’m


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