• China’s Challenge to a US-Led World Order0

    The United States and the Soviet Union, convinced that their ideologies were incompatible, engaged in a Cold War during the latter part of the 20th century. Some suggest similar hostility emerges between the United States and a fast-rising China. “Chinese leaders repeatedly stress that China remains a powerful supporter of the current order, taking action

  • Engaging South Asia; EastWest Institute0

    News | March 19, 2019 Farwa Aamer, Research Associate, Asia-Pacific Program EastWest Institute’s South Asia Initiative hosts roundtable discussion to contextualize regional dynamics and emerging security concerns. Despite South Asia’s indisputable dynamism, the member states—particularly India and Pakistan—have found it difficult to engage on core issues and often show deliberate resistance in establishing sustainable political

  • Arakanese Politician, Author Sentenced to 20 Years in Rakhine State0

    By Min Aung Khine 19 March 2019 SITTWE, Rakhine State — The Sittwe District Court in Rakhine State on Tuesday sentenced prominent ethnic Arakanese politician U Aye Maung and author Ko Wai Hin Aung to 20 years in prison for encouraging people to support a rebel group. The two were given 20 years in prison


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  • Bollywood Celebrities of Hindutva

    by Bhabani Shankar Nayak  20 November 2021 The Hindi film industry in Bombay has contributed immensely to the growth of peace, solidarity and secular nationalism, and progressive popular culture in India. The actors, directors, singers, artists, producers, and writers of Bollywood have challenged the power and stood behind people and their citizenship rights by upholding

  • Violence against Hindus in Bangladesh and Muslims in India: a case of state failure in one and state inspired, in another?

    by M Adil Khan — 15/11/2021 Image of the recent destruction of Hindu Temple in Comilla, Bangladesh. Source: The Free Press Journal Image of destruction of Muslim properties during the 2020 anti-Muslim riot in Delhi, India. Source: Al Jazeera   In India, the sectarian violence against the Muslims, a minority (213 million or 15.5% of the population), are

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