• Crime–Terror Nexus Along India’s Eastern Border0

    By Mohammed Sinan Siyech    RSIS    12/4/2018 Synopsis Bangladeshi authorities recently confiscated weapons bound for locations in India illustrating the vulnerabilities along the eastern border. Commentary ON 19 MARCH 2018, a consignment of arms being transported in a boat was intercepted by Bangladeshi authorities. The destination of these weapons was reportedly for locations in

  • More Rohingya refugee camps to close in Myanmar0

    Displaced people wary of resettlement program and say they would prefer to return to their homes An armed Myanmar border guard patrols near a barbed wire fence between Maungdaw district of Rakhine State and Bangladesh on March 18. (Photo by Joe Freeman/AFP) John Zaw, Mandalay Myanmar April 11, 2018 Myanmar authorities have moved to close four camps

  • Drones will soon decide who to kill0

    Algorithms will soon be able to decide who to target. US Air Force Peter Lee, University of Portsmouth The US Army recently announced that it is developing the first drones that can spot and target vehicles and people using artificial intelligence (AI). This is a big step forward. Whereas current military drones are still controlled

  • Chargesheet in Rape and Murder of Minor in Kathua Details Plot With Communal Aim0

    The chargesheet in the case was filed on Monday against eight people, including two special police officers. The Wire Staff April 12, 2018  New Delhi: The chargesheet in the gangrape and murder of an eight-year-old nomad girl in Jammu’s Kathua – filed on Monday amid protests by a group of lawyers who attempted to stop crime branch officials

  • Will Justice for Sahar be the Tipping Point for Pakistan’s Rule of Law?0

    April 11, 2018 By Farva Rashid Minhas and Abbas Hussain After four long and painful years, the parents of Sahar Batool finally got a taste of justice last month. In 2014, their seven-year-old daughter, who belonged to the Hazara minority ethnic group in Balochistan province, was raped, murdered, and left on a pile of garbage in her hometown, Quetta. The

  • Prejudice Flares After Rape, Murder of Muslim Child in India0

    Lawyers Try to Block Police from Filing Charges Against Hindu Suspects Meenakshi Ganguly South Asia Director mg2411 EXPAND Lawyers clash with police outside a courthouse in India’s Jammu and Kashmir state, April 9, 2018.  © 2018 unknown/social media A heated scene outside a courthouse in India’s Jammu and Kashmir state unfolded yesterday, as lawyers physically attempted


  • Saudi Prince Mohammed’s Religious Moderation Unlikely To Change Asian Realities0

     March 24, 2018 James M. Dorsey   Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman may be seeking to revert his kingdom to an unspecified form of moderate Islam but erasing the impact of 40 years of global funding of ultra-conservative, intolerant strands of the faith is unlikely to be eradicated by decree. Not only because ultra-conservatism has taken root in


      by N.S. Venkataraman         24/3/2018   China’s growth and dominance It is well accepted all over the world that during the last one decade or so, the world economy has been primarily driven by the industrial and economic growth in China, which is more than any other individual country. China’s share of

  • Is Bangladesh an underdeveloped country?0

     by Obaidul Karim Khan, Consultant and freelance writer  March 18, 2018 Bangladesh has been on the list of Least Developed Countries (LDC) list since 1975 but last week, the country has been removed from the list. Bangladesh is expected to get a status as developing country by 2024. This means that Bangladesh officially is not an

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  • Bangladesh: Will this country become Pakistan or Kashmir?

      1. A political group is spreading the perception that the country will again become Pakistan if Awami League loses control of Bangladesh. They even suggested a label “Banglastan” for this supposed nation which transforms into an improvised Pakistan in the East. But symptomatically it appears to become another Kashmir, or in a classical sense

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