• Trump-Pakistan Relations: Critical Days Ahead0

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    • January 15, 2018

    by Michael Kugelman   14 January 2018 Summary The future trajectory of U.S.-Pakistan relations will depend in great part on Washington’s next move — and how Islamabad responds. In the aftermath of a traumatic week for U.S.-Pakistan relations — marked by a threatening, truculent tweet by President Donald Trump and his administration’s decision to suspend nearly

  • Rising Urban Unemployment & Farming Woes Confront India0

    by Gaurav Tyagi      15.1.2018 Results of the Gujarat provincial elections held in December 2017 were declared on 18th December. This province is the home base of Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi and his chief strategist, Amit Shah. Modi’s party BJP emerged as the largest party and formed the government in Gujarat however, BJP’s

  • Trump’s Dilemma: Pakistan’s Improved Narrative is Imperative0

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    • January 15, 2018

    Ubaid Ahmed     15/1/2018 The uneasy Pak-US ties since Donald Trump’s new Afghan Policy (21st August 2017) suffered a new year set back when on Monday Trump accused Islamabad as a ‘Liar.’ This is not the first time Pakistan has been accused or blamed; subsequently, 9/11 all we got as a nation to our unyielding


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  • AUW 10th Anniversary Symposium Schedule

    AUW 10th Anniversary Symposium Schedule

    From Survival to Sustainable Development: Overcoming Challenges for Achieving a Just World. Friday, May 11th 2018 at the Asian University for Women in Chittagong, Bangladesh To be held at the Radisson Hotel, Chittagong By all accounts, the earth’s people have never had it better—we live longer and healthier and more productive lives than any time

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