• People beating up Kashmiris in Lucknow and elsewhere are insulting India and our Constitution0

    Nobody, dressed in saffron or green or any another colour, is above the law of the land. The PM has already spoken. Now, Yogi Adityanath must act. VOICES |     07-03-2019 VANDANA @vandana5 India’s anger against Pakistan has turned completely inwards — and reached a point where many are now being driven by this anger.

  • Violence in Myanmar: look elsewhere than Security Council0

    Rohingya refugees attempt to escape Myanmar (Photo: Jordi Bernabeu Farrús via Flickr) By Rebecca Barber 6 March 2019 12:30 A call for practical action to end sexual violence in conflict Last week the UN Security Council was briefed yet again on the situation in Myanmar. This time the message was presented by the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy Christine Schraner

  • The intrusion of domestic politics in Kashmir tensions0

    Thursday 07 Mar 2019 SYDNEY Indians celebrate the Indian air strike in Pakistan (Photo: Rahul Raut via Getty) By Priya Chacko On Tuesday, India launched air strikes targeting what it claimed was the biggest training camp of the militant group, Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) near the town of Balakot in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The

  • At Least 17 Killed In Afghanistan Attack As U.S. Sees ‘Progress’ In Peace Talks0

    Last Updated: March 06, 2019 At least 17 people have been killed in a militant attack on a construction company in eastern Afghanistan, officials say. The extremist group Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for the March 6 attack through its Amaq news website. Attaullah Khogyani, a spokesman for the governor of Nangarhar Province, said a

  • Bangladesh: ICC Officials will Visit Rohingya Camps0

    By Kamran Reza Chowdhury on Mar 06, 2019 International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutors will visit refugee camps in Bangladesh later this week as part of an examination into a mass exodus of Rohingya from Myanmar that began in August 2017, Bangladeshi officials said Wednesday. The ICC team was due to arrive on Friday in Cox’s

  • India’s BJP fakes fight on ‘fake news’0

    India’s BJP fakes fight on ‘fake news’ By Shivam VijMarch 6, 2019 Facebook’s global vice president for public policy, Joel Kaplan, will on Wednesday appear before the Indian parliament’s committee on information technology to discuss “safeguarding citizens’ rights on social/online news media platforms”. On February 25, the same subject was under discussion when the Parliamentary


  • The Xiamen Bonhomie: Underscoring BRICS Triumphalism and Pragmatism0

    The Ninth BRICS Summit at Xiamen, China on 4 September 2017 has surprised the whole world with an unprecedented outcome. There were imaginations across the world of two major leaders of India and China not even seeing each other and exchanging pleasantries. The meet has surpassed and astounded even the expectation of the policymakers, thinkers,

  • Anti-government statements, not sedition: Indian Supreme Court!0

    -Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal _____ Today most governments are increasingly intolerant of the public criticism of their misgovernance and corruption. The critics are attacked – India claiming to be the largest secular democracy in the world suffers badly on that count. Many critics face notorious seduction charges and are in jail because of their conviction

  • Nuclear Politics and Strategy in South Asia0

    by Asma Khalid Strategic framework of South Asia is comprised of the bipolar equation between India-Pakistan, inter-connected with Regional Security complex and other Major Powers. It is considered that in South Asia: peace and stability being with a Nuclear weapon. Nuclear arsenals are characterized as the great equalizer and ultimate tool to counter adversary’s present

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  • Post-Trump World: Is Democracy Dying in America As Well?

    by Taj Hashmi      22 January 2021 We know it’s fashionable to hypothesize that democracy is “dying” in the post-Cold War world. It’s true not only for some of the postcolonial democracies in the Third World and some “new democracies” Eastern Europe, but of late, seemingly, it’s also true about the United States. I

  • Year-end review: Emerging Challenges for South Asia

      by Rajesh Kumar Sinha       3 January 2020 The year 2020 has just ended. The year has been extremely calamitous for the whole world. Especially, the pandemic Corona Virus has created such an unfortunate state where economies, infrastructure, loss of lakhs of lives, job losses, and uncertainty has gripped the whole of humanity.

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