• Bangladesh’s flawed war on drugs not tackling root causes0

    Police escort suspected drug dealers to jail after they were arrested in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka on June 20, 2018. About 300 people have been killed and 25,000 arrested during a drug crackdown that began last May. ( photo) Stephan Uttom and Rock Ronald Rozario, Dhaka Bangladesh March 12, 2019 In early June of last year, 33-year-old Muhammad Tarek (not

  • Bangladeshi women walk out on unhappy marriages0

    A huge cultural change means that more educated women are prepared to be self-reliant Students take a class at the Asian University for Women in Chittagong in this 2017 file photo. More Bangladeshi women are turning to education as a way of getting decent jobs and being less reliant on men to support them. (Photo by AFP)

  • The Meddling Kingdom’s threat to democracy0

    Spying on voters is an important tool of Beijing’s foreign policy as elections loom across the region The roots of Chinese spying on Cambodia were traced to the Malaysian elections last May when victory for the scandal-ravaged Najib Razaq (left) was widely expected. The Chinese politburo must now contend with a government led by Mahathir Mohamad (right)


  • Redefining the secular mode for India0

    By Romila Thapar   18/1/2018 17 January 2018 India needs to own its historical secularism, rather than reject it as an alien concept, to move the country towards more just governance. Flickr / M. Aditya Bharadwaj Let us begin with the assumption that we want a secular society in India. How then would one define it?


    F R Chowdhury   17.1.2018 Donald Trump had a simple and easy slogan for his election campaign – MAGA – make America great again. Many think that Trump was trying to refer to Barrack Obama presidency period as a dark chapter and promised to bring back the white supremacy again. Obama is not only black, but


      U.S. secretary of state Rex Tillerson and his Canadian counterpart Chrystia Freeland made the announcement of Vancouver dialogue to take place on 16 January in order to deal with North Korean (DPRK) nuclear crisis. Countries like South Korea and Japan are also participating as they are directly under threat from DPRK. Astonishingly, India is pitching in the conference

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  • ‘I Still Believe the Left Can be the Alternative’: Soumitra Chatterjee

    I am surprised that the man who was in power in Gujarat during the horrific riots of 2002 is now the man on the throne of India. Perhaps people can’t see a powerful alternative. Or they are unable to understand the toxic nature of this politics. Soumitra Chatterjee 19 Nov 2020 Soumitra Chatterjee. | Image

  • Banana Republicanism   by William Milam   November 13, 2020 Well, the election is over—or at least the vote is almost completely counted, and there is no mystery about who came out on top. Today’s count shows that Joe Biden got 5 million more votes than Donald Trump and now has 290 electoral college votes, which is 20

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