• India’s Rocker Aristocrat Takes on Modi0

    By Sonia Sarkar • MAR 04 2019 Why you should care 3,673,917 Population Bengali, HindiSpoken Languages $4457 GDP Per Capita Agartala Capital City Dressed in a white kurta and pajama with a red-and-black scarf, Pradyot Bikram Manikya Debbarma looks energetic. Rolling up his sleeves, in high-pitched Hindi, he tells the crowd: “Today, the king will

    By OZY
  • Pakistan: Imran came, Imran saw, Imran begged0

    March 4, 2019 So, what is happening in Pakistan? As usual, the nation is on a begging spree. But a lot has changed since the country achieved independence. Before Imran Khan was sworn in as the prime minister of the state, it happened to be one of the responsibilities of the finance minister to represent the

  • Official: Taliban target army corps, killing 23 soldiers0

    By RAHIM FAIEZ March 2, 2019 AP News KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Taliban insurgents targeted an Afghan army corps at their camp in the southern Helmand province, killing at least 23, officials said Saturday. Omar Zwak, spokesman for the provincial governor, said 20 other troops were wounded in the attack that began Friday and ended


  • Saudi Arabia’s Lebanon gamble may pay off0

      By James M. Dorsey Time will tell, but Saudi Arabia’s gamble to pressure Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed, Lebanese Shiite militia, by forcing Saad Hariri, the country’s prime minister, to resign, may be paying off despite widespread perceptions that the manoeuvre backfired. Broad international support for Mr. Hariri following his announcement from Riyadh in a speech

  • Gulf Crisis Creates Opportunity for Asian Nations0

    James M. Dorsey 28 Nov, 2017 The rift between the Gulf countries and Qatar has created a space for Asian countries to step in to engage with the small peninsular state. There’s a silver lining for Asian countries in the six-month old crisis in the Gulf that pits a UAE-Saudi-led alliance against Qatar. That is

  • The Slaver’s Bay: South Asia’s Educational Woes0

    by Ahmed Amin Malik November 28, 2017 Perhaps nothing defines the spirit of humanity more than its right to liberty; freedom in all its dimensions: in thought, action, speech, and imagination. This freedom is not only sacred but is also quintessential to our spirit to survive, adapt and prosper. Unfortunately, this very essence has been

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