• Pakistan Fights to Save the Adorable and Endangered Pangolin0

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    • February 6, 2019

    By Haniya Javed 6 February 2019 The WWF has found at least 239 shops in six different cities of Pakistan that were involved in the sale of pangolin body parts, while local websites list the sale of baby pangolins for 80,000 Pakistani rupees ($570). SourceShutterstock Why you should care Pangolin numbers have gone down by

    By OZY
  • Assam’s Bangladesh-phobia is a political product0

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    • February 6, 2019

    Altaf Parvez | Feb 03, 2019 Srinivas Kumar Sinha, the retired general of the Indian army, was governor of Assam for six years from 1997. It was then that the state’s ethnic crisis was given a Bangladesh twist. He sent a 42-page letter to the Indian president KR Narayan in November 1998, asking for ‘illegal Muslim Bangladeshis’

  • Modi’s India doubles down on Hindu nationalism0

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    • February 6, 2019

    February 1, 2019 | The National Interest by Max Frost Unable to run on an economic platform, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party are turning to populism and Hindu nationalism ahead of the 2019 elections. During his 2014 campaign, Narendra Modi promised jobs, development, and growth. Hopeful Indians handed the BJP India’s first

  • Mysterious Slayings of Rape Suspects Grip Bangladesh0

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    • February 6, 2019

    By Prapti Rahman on Feb 05, 2019 The grisly discovery of three rape suspects in Bangladesh who were killed in apparent vigilante attacks since mid-January is spurring a debate and drawing attention to a dismal record by law enforcers to bring victims of sexual crimes to justice. In all three separate slayings, the killer or

  • Autocracies that look like democracies are a threat across the globe0

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    • February 6, 2019

    Richard Carney, China Europe International Business School Russia’s successful interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election may inspire other countries to do the same. These other countries don’t look threatening. They look like democracies. But they’re not. They’re a special kind of autocratic regime that masquerades as a democracy. And what looks like benevolent conduct

  • “Indians are there to assist us, to help us and be good neighbors.” says Maldivian Defense Minister0

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    • February 6, 2019

    by EditorFebruary 6, 2019  Male, February 6, (Strategic News International): In an interview given to ‘Strategic News’ of India, the chief of the Maldivian Defense Force, Maj.Gen Abdulla Shamaal, said ten radars are being installed in the Indian Ocean archipelago. When the radars are installed and connected via a network, the monitoring of the Maldivian economic zone


  • Battling for independence: Small states stake their claim0

    Source: EurAsia Daily / By James M. Dorsey The Gulf crisis that pits a United Arab Emirates-Saudi-led alliance against Qatar has emerged about more than a regional spat. It is part of a global battle whose outcome will determine the ability of small states to chart their own course in the shadow of a


    The latest scheme of Narendra Modi government to be criticized and objected in democratic India is the recently launched bullet train project. Whither Indian democracy? The Indian democracy is now being described variously. Some people call Indian democracy as vibrant and active one where there is no limit on individual freedom, liberty, and freedom of

  • Wake up Bangladesh; it’s time for a foreign policy!1

    by Taj Hashmi To some, the title of my column today might be utterly ridiculous, as it suggests it’s time for Bangladesh to have a foreign policy. They might raise eyebrows at my suggestion that, Bangladesh is going without any foreign policy, since 2009. To them, Bangladesh has a sound foreign policy under a seasoned

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  • Neighbours challenge political Hindutva’s Ram agenda

    N Sathiya Moorthy  24 July 2020 Indian claims to the Ram story and ownership could be challenged from more places than one, says N Sathiya  Moorthy.  Nepal Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli’s recent diatribe that the birthplace of Hindu god Ram is located in his country and not in Ayodhya, need not be a

  • The Top Brass is Shattered in Bangladesh: Aftermath of a Retired General’s Interview

    Lieutenant General (retired) Chowdhury Hasan Sarwardy (left) and General Aziz Ahmed, the Chief of Army Staff (right)   by Taj Hashmi     20 July 2020 Although neither the puppet and illegitimate government of Sheikh Hasina nor the pro-Indian Deep State, which has been running Bangladesh for the last twelve years, gathered enough courage to broadcast

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