• India: encouraging the rainbow vote0

    Kaveri Devi Mishra 8 May 2019 Despite efforts to ensure truly representative elections,India’s sexual minority groups still feel marginalised. As the mammoth task of elections in India continue up to a 19 May deadline, the nation’s election commission is seeking a full turnout of the population – including the often marginalised LGBTQI community. For the first time, transgender

  • Hope, despair and the new normal in Myanmar0

    The Reuters case is about more than press freedom but alsorelations between Myanmar and the international community. by Melissa Crouch 8 May 2019 Human rights advocates had a rare chance to celebrate on Tuesday as two local Reuters journalists in Myanmar were released from prison. Their situation is viewed by the international community as a

  • Nuclear deal rollback won’t get Iran a weapon, but it’s not an empty threat0

    PRI’s The World May 08, 2019 · 5:00 PM EDT By The World staff Exactly one year after President Donald Trump pulled the US out of the Iran nuclear deal, Iran announced Wednesday that it will relax some of the curbs the deal imposed on its nuclear program. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action —

  • Thousands of Bengali women must prove their Indian citizenship or face statelessness. Most can’t.0

    GlobalPost May 08, 2019 By Sarita Santoshini Every night, Fatima Begum leaves her brick-and-bamboo home located near a tributary of the Brahmaputra River in India’s northeastern Assam state to seek refuge with neighbors. In the morning, she returns home to her family, but spends the day watching for unexpected guests, ready to flee.  As a

  • Mystery surrounds kidnapped Panchen Lama0

    May 8, 2019 The six-year-old 11th Panchen Lama disappeared on May 17, 1995, three days after recognition by the Dalai Lama By Richard S Ehrlich 8 May 2019 It is nearly 24 years since the Chinese government kidnapped the Panchen Lama – and groups around the world are calling for Beijing to reveal what has

  • Independence of Pakistan’s Judiciary is Under Threat0

    The resolution to remove Justice Qazi Faez Isa for “criticising the army and the ISI” in his Faizabad case verdict shows “there are clamps on freedom of speech within the judiciary”. Supreme Court of Pakistan. Credit: Reuters Xari JalilLawSouth Asia Lahore: The ‘Faizabad sit-in’ may just have been one of the major events in the political


  • Karnataka Assembly Elections: its nationwide implications0

    Suhail Mohammed           10/4/2018 So, this summer as the sun blazes all over, there will be scorching political heat as well.The much-awaited poll bugle in Karnataka has been blown, and preparations for the showdown are on. We will be witnessing an intensely fought poll battle in the recent times. Political parties are

  • Maldives: Can Indian Dornier fall into ‘wrong hands’?0

    N Sathiya Moorthy  10 April 2018   With a leading Indian newspaper reporting that India had long back offered a Dornier maritime surveillance aircraft to Maldives, but the host-nation had not responded in months/years, there should be greater concern about Male’s intent on the bilateral front, especially in terms of strategic and security cooperation in the

  • Assam’s ‘Man’ follow ‘PadMan’ to make low-cost sanitary pads2

    Suhail Mohammed       9/4/2018 The revolutionary movie “PadMan” has already had widespread tremors and its impacts can be felt along the length and breadth of the nation.Arunachalam Muruganantham would have never imagined that his invention would transcend geographical boundaries: from Tamil Nadu to Jammu Kashmir and now to Assam.Muruganantham was obsessed with making the

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  • ‘I Still Believe the Left Can be the Alternative’: Soumitra Chatterjee

    I am surprised that the man who was in power in Gujarat during the horrific riots of 2002 is now the man on the throne of India. Perhaps people can’t see a powerful alternative. Or they are unable to understand the toxic nature of this politics. Soumitra Chatterjee 19 Nov 2020 Soumitra Chatterjee. | Image

  • Banana Republicanism   by William Milam   November 13, 2020 Well, the election is over—or at least the vote is almost completely counted, and there is no mystery about who came out on top. Today’s count shows that Joe Biden got 5 million more votes than Donald Trump and now has 290 electoral college votes, which is 20

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