• Policy differences emerge among Gulf states days after wooing President Trump0

    By James M. Dorsey Cracks have appeared in a Saudi-led, US-backed anti-terrorist political and military alliance days after US President Donald J. Trump ended a historic visit to Saudi Arabia. The cracks stem from Qatar’s long-standing fundamental policy differences with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates about Iran and the role of political Islam.

  • Kashmir Uprising: A New Dilemma after 20160

    Inamul Haq From July 9, 2016, the uprising after the death of Burhan Wani should be a matter of utmost concern not only for India but for the whole world. The government’s approach only exhibits value of the Kashmiri resources and not the aspirations of its citizens. The State politicians are like any other politicians,

  • The Afghan War: Key Developments and Metrics0

    Anthony H. Cordesman May 24, 2017 Read Online: The United States is now reexamining its strategy for Afghanistan, and whether it needs to shift from a “deadlines-based” strategy tied to steady reductions in its forces and effort to a “conditions-based” strategy designed to meet Afghanistan’s actual needs. This raises critical issues regarding the success or

  • Iran will continue its quest for strategic space in South Asia0

    By Amitava Mukherjee Although Hassan Rouhani, the reformist incumbent Iranian President, has been reelected with a thumping majority in the May 19 presidential poll leaving behind Ebrahim Raesi, his nearest conservative rival, by more than 19 percent margin, it is almost certain that Iran will follow its ongoing aggressive policy in the Middle East as

  • Pakistan’s War on Terror: Treat the cause not the symptoms2

      A few years in to the Pakistani National Action Plan’s (NAP) bid to comprehensively cleanse the country of terrorism, with the finish line still far ahead, there is a dire need of a clear and consistent policy to solidify the envisioned goals of this exercise. The counter terrorism military operations from “Zarb e Azab”

  • The Saga of Kashmiri Pundits: Need of Rehabilitation0

    INAMUL HAQ The valley of Kashmir known as Heaven on Earth. The Delhi poet Amir Khausro stated that Agar fir doors baraoai zameen asto, humi asto humi asto humi ass (if there is paradise on earth it is here it is here it is here). These lines sung by Jahangir on his visit to Kashmir


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