• Legitimizing NSG Membership: Comparing India & Pakistan’s Case0

    Dr. Syed Shahid Hussain Bukhari Nuclear technology around the world is usually associated with the negative connotations in international politics. The devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki shook the world and taught the consequences of the harmful use of nuclear technology. But, apart from the destructive capacity of nuclear technology, it also has very constructive and

  • Emergent Nuclear Pakistan0

    By: Muhammad Abbas Hassan Pakistani Nuclear program has been under global focus; unfortunately, the focus has always been determined by a subjective understanding of the program than an objective analysis. The key determinants of the Pakistani nuclear program are the energy and security needs of the country. It is the result of efforts put in

  • The Gulf crisis: A coming out of small states0

    By James M. Dorsey Buried in the Gulf crisis are two significant developments likely to shape future international relations as well as power dynamics in the Middle East: the coming out of small states capable of punching far above their weight with Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, a driver of the crisis, battling it


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