• China woos Bhutan with $10 billion in standoff with India0

    Beijing seen driving wedge in New Delhi-Thimphu alliance YUJI KURONUMA, Nikkei staff writer © AP NEW DELHI — Locked in a two-month border standoff with India and tiny Bhutan in the Himalayas, China is offering its little neighbor $10 billion in economic assistance to soften its stance. Sources say that since the offer, Bhutan has toned

  • India must ensure Myanmar’s centrality to ‘Act East’ policy0

    By Amitava Mukherjee There is a strange dichotomy between what India preaches and what she does on bilateral relations with Myanmar. There is a general acceptance in the corridors of power in Delhi that Myanmar is extremely important for the successful implementation of India’s ‘Act East’ policy, but Naypidaw hardly receives the diplomatic attention which

  • Why terror wars won’t ever end?0

    -Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal The answer is simple. The world’s only super power USA and Israel – its secret global terror ally and West Asia’s self-claiming super power on the strength of its illegal nukes, promote terrorism as a part of imperialism and now focusing on energy rich Arab world. US led NATO terror war

  • Anti-terrorism row: Pakistan’s response to US accusations!0

    -Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal Too late and too little and not enough- that is what Pakistan has been to the USA for years of their secret capitalist ties based on crimes. While Pakistan seeks more money and military goods, USA wants Pakistan to kill more and more Muslims. Islamic Pakistan has been a post-paid and

  • Rakhaine Myanmar issue. An Open Letter to Mr. Kofi Annan.0

    By Habib Siddiqui Dear Mr. Annan, I am very disappointed with your statement, dated August 25, 2017, concerning the latest violence in the Rakhine state of Myanmar. You stated, “I am saddened to hear of the loss of life of members of the security forces. The alleged scale and gravity of these attacks mark a

  • Pakistan’s Jihadist Syndrome – A National Boon or Bane?0

    By Adnan Qaiser National interests of states are often blind-and brutal; yet they call for some rationality considering our interlinked global destinies in the 21st century. Pakistan is often blamed for talking one policy on jihadists while walking another. However, inheriting a weak military at the time of subcontinent’s partition in 1947 and having remained


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  • End of Year Editorial; Evolving Political Dynamics in South Asia

    By M. Adil Khan, Guest Editor 2018 has been an eventful year for South Asia especially at the political level. During 2018 several countries in the region have had their elections and these elections have altered their political pictures. In others preparations for elections are underway and yet in others sub-national elections and their outcomes

  • 2018 Bangladesh General Election: A Time for Stock-taking and Pondering the Stakes

      By Adil Khan and Habib Zafarullah*    4 December 2018 The 2018 Bangladesh General Election scheduled on December 30, 2018 marks the end of two consecutive terms of the ruling Awami League (AL), first ever by any political party since 1991, the year a combined opposition movement against a decade long dictatorship resurrected and re-introduced

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