• Trump’s new Afghanistan policy has Pakistan angry and alarmed 0

    By Pamela Constable Protesters hold an effigy of President Trump during an anti-U.S. rally Monday near the Afghan border in Chaman, Pakistan. (Akhter Gulfam/European Pressphoto Agency) ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A wave of anti-American anger has swept Pakistan this past week, triggered both by President Trump’s threat to punish the country for harboring insurgents and by his invitation

  • Countering Chinese Coercion: The Case of Doklam0

    Oriana Skylar Mastro and Arzan Tarapore August 29, 2017 For special access to experts and other members of the national security community, check out the new War on the Rocks membership. Editor’s Note: This is the fifth installment of “Southern (Dis)Comfort,” a new series from War on the Rocks and the Stimson Center. The series

  • Human Trafficking as Security Threat in Pakistan0

    By Naila Farooq Pakistan is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking. The country’s largest human trafficking problem is bonded labor, in which an initial debt assumed by a worker as part of the terms of employment is exploited, ultimately entrapping other family members,

  • Sharpening the Tusk: India’s Strategic Design0

    Amidst all the looming actions, the recent upsurge in India’s defense budget by 10 percent appears quite dubious; as it has now reached up to $43 billion. Whereas, the increased convergence of interests between the United States and India specifically in the strategic sector makes the neighboring countries apprehensive of their growing defense procurements; this

  • Why India should not align with the United States in Afghanistan0

    Luciane Noronha M. de Oliveira For a few years now, it became visible that South Asia has seen a rearrangement of its balance of power, especially due to India’s close ties to the United States. Since the beginning of the 21st century, both countries seem to share common strategic interests regarding security issues in the


    The Daily Pioneer, 26 August 2017 By Dolkun Isa – The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has been touted by China and its supporters as a groundbreaking initiative, which will bring Central Asia together with increased connectivity and historic prosperity for all. It has been heralded by China as the flagship programme of its One Belt One


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  • End of Year Editorial; Evolving Political Dynamics in South Asia

    By M. Adil Khan, Guest Editor 2018 has been an eventful year for South Asia especially at the political level. During 2018 several countries in the region have had their elections and these elections have altered their political pictures. In others preparations for elections are underway and yet in others sub-national elections and their outcomes

  • 2018 Bangladesh General Election: A Time for Stock-taking and Pondering the Stakes

      By Adil Khan and Habib Zafarullah*    4 December 2018 The 2018 Bangladesh General Election scheduled on December 30, 2018 marks the end of two consecutive terms of the ruling Awami League (AL), first ever by any political party since 1991, the year a combined opposition movement against a decade long dictatorship resurrected and re-introduced

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