• Indian foreign policy: Are we on the right path?0

    Independent of issues and personalities, India has been on an unacknowledged fire-fighting mode on the foreign policy front, ever since the end of the Cold War and also the advent of the economic reforms. The inevitability of events and developments in the world around us could be blamed for it, but it also implies that

  • Cricketism: How Bowler Aamir led Pakistan to final of Champions Trophy 2017?0

    This write up is not meant to praise batboys or cricket but to highlight an incident that changed entire cricket scenario for the hopeless Pakistani players playing the Champions Trophy in England and the team might even get the champion title this year. All teams want 100s for their batboys and they exchange them freely.

  • Modi’s Bold New World0

    Narendra Modi was a global pariah only a few years ago, a Hindu nationalist vilified for anti-Muslim riots that left hundreds dead in Gujarat state. Halfway into his term as India’s prime minister, his swashbuckling foreign policy is scoring military and economic deals from Washington to Beijing. In early March 2013, following pressure from students and


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