• India China Doklam Stand-off: The war of thoughts0

    By Avinash Kumar For the last four weeks, Dokalam area near the Bhutan Tri-junction has become a strategic hotbed for the unarmed and propaganda conflict for India and China. The deadlock is over the construction of a road by the Chinese in Dokalam area. It all started when a Chinese road construction party was questioned

  • Post coup foreign policy of Turkey!0

    July 2017 -Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal Foreign policy of Turkey under President Erdogan has been both prudent and assertive, tactfully protecting all genuine national interest of the former Ottoman Empire by linking domestic with foreign policy in the background of an anti-Islamic environment across the world where the GST (Global State Terror) forces led by

  • Trump’s Afghanistan Strategy Is Simply Old Wine in a New Bottle0

    If America goes all-in on Afghanistan and fails, it’ll be easier to walk away. Michael Kugelman July 16, 2017 Afghanistan has suffered through a harrowing summer, even by the nightmarish standards of a country convulsed by conflict for decades. On May 31, a truck bomb exploded in Kabul’s heavily fortified diplomatic enclave, killing more than

  • The Sino-Indian War of 1962 and its Political After-Life0

    By Shivshankar Menon on 17/07/2017 Coming at a time India-China relations are in flux and require a fundamental reset, a new scholarly book provides a useful, if indirect, contribution to how we think about the relationship. Jawaharlal Nehru Interacting with Army personnel at NEFA in 1962. Credit: Photo Division, GOI Amit Das Gupta and Lorenz Lüthi’s The Sino-Indian War of

  • Parachinar: A Repressed Conflict0

    By Huma Tariq On Friday 23rd June 2017 twin blasts hit the valley of Parachinar the main town of Kurram tribal agency, killing at least 70 people and injuring more than 125 others. The first blast took place around 5:00 p.m. in Turi Market, located on the edge of the recently-designated Red Zone, and the

  • Sajad Threw Stones, Took to Militancy, But Did Not Lynch Police Officer, Says Family0

    By Mudasir Ahmad on 16/07/2017 Sajad Ahmad, who was killed in an encounter in Budgam last week, went underground on June 29, had been making regular court appearances till then. The ashen walls of the house in Redbugh village of Budgam district in Jammu and Kashmir where the militants were killed. Credit: Mudasir Ahmad Srinagar: When the


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