• India: Need to win hearts and minds of the Kashmiri people0

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    • February 25, 2019

    As such we should  understand that we not only need to  use force to neutralise militants but at same time make  every effort to  win hearts and minds of Kashmiri people. By Brij Bhardwaj Feb 22, 2019     There is a feeling of general outrage  after the terrorist attack on the Central Reserve Police

  • Bangladesh, Bhutan have a strategic development partnership0

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    • February 25, 2019

    Neighbours by geography, the foundations of their friendship were  laid down by visionary leaders of both countries, based on their common aspirations for peace, mutual respect, collective prosperity and deeper integration, writes Mohammad Tarikul Islam for South Asia Monitor By Mohammad Tarikul Islam Feb 23, 2019   Bangladesh and Bhutan are leveraging their opportunities and

  • Pakistan Army’s ideology a stumbling block to peace0

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    • February 25, 2019

    Pakistan flag on a soldier’s arm. Photo: iStock Few Pakistani prime ministers have been able to ignore the army and chart their own course ByMonami Banerjee | Pradeep Singh Gautam, India A former Pakistan diplomat has described Prime Minister Imran Khan as “a low-level government employee who is there because the army wanted a ‘face.’” Former

  • Why proposals to sell nuclear reactors to Saudi Arabia raise red flags0

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    • February 25, 2019

    Chen Kane, Middlebury According to a congressional report, a group that includes former senior U.S. government officials is lobbying to sell nuclear power plants to Saudi Arabia. As an expert focusing on the Middle East and the spread of nuclear weapons, I believe these efforts raise important legal, economic and strategic concerns. It is understandable

  • The Bitter Fruit of Trump’s China Bashing: Anti-Asian Racism0

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    • February 24, 2019

    By Ashley Smith, Socialist Worker Published February 24, 2019 Reading ListPolitics & ElectionsTrump Threatens a Second Embargo of Cuba Environment & HealthJudge in Monsanto Roundup Trial Is Already Hindering Testimony Prisons & PolicingIllinois Prison Phone Rates Are Lowest Following Grassroots Activism Politics & ElectionsSay Goodbye to Mitch McConnell’s America Education & YouthDoes “Special Ed” Serve

  • Hindu MP from Pakistan met Indian PM and Foreign Minister to deny Pakistan’s involvement in Pulwama attack0

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    • February 24, 2019

    by EditorFebruary 24, 2019 New Delhi, February 24 (Indian Express): At a time when India-Pakistan ties are at an all-time low in the wake of the Pulwama terror attack, an MP of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) met Prime MinisterNarendra Modiand held discussions with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Sunday. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, a Hindu


  • South Asian Water Conflict1

    by Ashok Bala  11/5/2018 Introduction South Asia is a macro-geographical region wherein various countries in close geographical proximity share certain commonality of interests. These interests could incorporate a whole gamut of historical, geographical, economic, political, social and cultural aspects. In fact, it is a region where geography, history, politics, and culture are truly intertwined and

  • US withdrawal from Iran-Nuclear Deal: Impact on India0

    by Rameez Raja Mir     11/5/2018   Introduction The US President Donald Trump on May 8, 2018, announced US withdrawal from the historical 2015 nuclear deal with Iran. Trump stated that the 2015 agreement which included p5+1 was a “horrible one-sided deal that should never have been made.” He further stated that the United States “will

  • Impact of CPEC on social change and capacity building in Pakistan0

    Recent decades have seen tremendous technological progress in computing and telecommunications. The contemporary world will see huge impacts of this technological development on society and policymakers. This study will specifically focus on the impacts of technological development under the China Pakistan joint development project namely China-Pakistan Economic Corridor through establishing IT Parks in Pakistan. Pakistan

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  • Indian-American Hindutva believers are ecstatic about India’s court decision on Babri Masjid

    By Bhargavi Kulkarni and Suman Guha Mozumder Nov 12, 2019 The Nov. 9 verdict of the Supreme Court that granted Hindus permission to build a Ram temple at the centuries-old Ayodhya holy site, ending one of the country’s most politically-charged land disputes, has evoked a mixed reaction from Indian-Americans. The Hindu-American community and those supporting

  • India’s Narendra Modi has had a free pass from the west for too long

    Threats to minority rights and democratic norms are ignored to preserve a comforting illusion Gideon Rachman November 11 2019 The Financial Times The world’s democracies are desperate to believe in India. From Washington to Tokyo, and from Canberra to London, the country is viewed as an indispensable counterbalance to China. The two Asian giants are

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