• Sri Lanka given two-year deadline to probe war claims0

    by Quintos Uintus Colombage, Negombo, Sri Lanka 5 April 2019 Then U.N. secretary-general Ban Ki-moon carries a four-month-old baby at the resettlement village of Veeman Kamam on the Jaffna Peninsula on Sept. 2, 2016. He was wrapping up a two-day visit to Sri Lanka seven years after the end of its decades-long Tamil separatist war.

  • China’s ‘genocide’ unlike any other0

    The global community must act to end the forcible extraction of organs from prisoners of conscience Falun Gong supporters in the Austrian capital Vienna on Oct. 1, 2018 participate in an activity aimed at raising awareness about the persecution of the exercise-spiritual practice in China. Falun Gong practitioners, Uyghur Muslims, Tibetan Buddhists and some house Christians

  • Indian Christians see Hindu conspiracy in election move1

    Petition in Jharkhand seeks to ban tribal people who have converted to Christianity and Islam from contesting tribal seats Indian laborers arrange Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) flags and cut-outs of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Kolkata on April 2 ahead of an election rally. The BJP’s pro-Hindu stance has angered Christians and Muslims. (Photo by Dibyangshu Sarkar/AFP)

  • Atheism has been part of many Asian traditions for millennia0

    Signe Cohen, University of Missouri-Columbia A group of atheists and secularists recently gathered in Southern California to talk about social and political issues. This was the first of three summits planned by the Secular Coalition for America, an advocacy group based in Washington D.C. To many, atheism – the lack of belief in a personal

  • Why Pakistan’s official narrative is not serving it well0

    Nadir Cheema 4 April 2019 There are strong reasons to believe that last month’s suicide attack in Pulwama in Indian-held Kashmir was an indigenous Kashmiri manifestation of a struggle for independence from India’s occupation. The world, therefore, has been critical of India’s hyper-nationalist narrative that calls Kashmir an integral part of the Indian state but

  • India destroys its own satellite with a test missile, still says space is for peace0

    Bin Li, University of Newcastle On March 27, India announced it had successfully conducted an anti-satellite (ASAT) missile test, called “Mission Shakti”. After the United States, Russia and China, India is now the fourth country in the world to have demonstrated this capability. The destroyed satellite was one of India’s own. But the test has


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  • Indian-American Hindutva believers are ecstatic about India’s court decision on Babri Masjid

    By Bhargavi Kulkarni and Suman Guha Mozumder Nov 12, 2019 The Nov. 9 verdict of the Supreme Court that granted Hindus permission to build a Ram temple at the centuries-old Ayodhya holy site, ending one of the country’s most politically-charged land disputes, has evoked a mixed reaction from Indian-Americans. The Hindu-American community and those supporting

  • India’s Narendra Modi has had a free pass from the west for too long

    Threats to minority rights and democratic norms are ignored to preserve a comforting illusion Gideon Rachman November 11 2019 The Financial Times The world’s democracies are desperate to believe in India. From Washington to Tokyo, and from Canberra to London, the country is viewed as an indispensable counterbalance to China. The two Asian giants are

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