It is reported that Nagarjuna Oil Corporation based at Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu, promoted jointly by Nagarjuna Fertiliser Group and TIDCO, has filed for bankruptcy under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC). Background details Nagarjuna Oil Corporation is in the process of setting up 6-million tonne a year petroleum refinery in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu. The refinery

  • CRICKETISM: Indo-Lanka joint cricket exercises!0

    -Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal Sri Lankan bowlers enjoy too much by offering big scores to Indians for return favors in Test. Test cricket for five long days was invented by the cunning colonial masters of Great Britain to keep the colony youth busy with a useless thing like watching cricket matches and enjoy 6s and

  • Pakistan-US Relations: Mutual Mistrust Continues0

    By Maria Amjad On July 21st, the US Defense Secretary James Mattis stated that the Pentagon will not make the remaining military reimbursements to Pakistan for the fiscal year 2016 as he believes that Islamabad had not taken sufficient action against the Haqqani network. The United States had allotted $900m in military aid to Pakistan

  • Federal Provisions of Nepal’s Constitution in Jeopardy1

     By Iain Payne and Binayak Basnyat A decade ago, Nepal’s political parties agreed to change the country’s unitary system of government to a federal system. This change was seen by many as a panacea to help address the country’s problems of governing such variegated demography, society, and geography. Two years after Nepal’s 2015 Constitution established

  • Qatar Crisis And Muslims’ Responsibility0

    By Harun Yahya From the second half of the 19th Century onwards, the Muslim world has been wallowing in a pit of dissension and tumult. For the last 150 years, North Africa, the Middle East and the Near Eastern regions have been ravaged by myriad revolutions, civil wars, conflicts and invasions. Regardless of age or

  • China’s One Belt On Road And India’s Divergent Views0

    By Dr. Sanu Kainikara On May 14 and 15, China hosted a two-day Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, which was attended by high level delegations from around the world that included 29 heads of state. The discussion, as the name of the forum indicated, centered on President Xi Jinping’s pet project—One Belt One Road


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  • The Rohingyas – Inside Myanmar’s Hidden Genocide, book review

    The scale and nature of the violence unleashed by the Myanmar authorities against the Rohingya have prompted a top United Nations official to describe the operation as a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing.” Human Rights Watch has concurred, and Amnesty International has called for an investigation into these criminal acts. The violence, underpinned by the

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