• As Protests Continue, Seychelles President Endorses Assumption Island Deal With India0

    BY DEVIRUPA MITRA ON 07/03/2018 There have been questions about the agreement’s necessity, with skeptical noises made about India’s seeming altruism in funding the project. President Danny Faure speaking at the National Assembly. Credit: Facebook/Seychelles National Assembly New Delhi: Despite protests by activists, Seychelles President Danny Faure on Tuesday recommended that parliament ratify the agreement with India to develop

  • Pakistan elects first female Dalit senator0

    By AFP Published: March 4, 2018 Krishna Kohli PHOTO COURTESY: TWITTER/@Tahir_A ISLAMABAD: Pakistan elected its first female senator from the lowest Dalit caste over the weekend, in polls which also saw the ruling party strengthen its hand ahead of general elections in the Muslim-majority country. Opposition candidate Krishna Kumari Kohli’s surprise victory stirred a wave of optimism

  • Turkey bites the hand that feeds as deficit sounds alarm0

    Mark Bentley Mar 04 2018 Turkey is biting the hand that feeds its fragile economy as concern about the nation’s current account deficit heightens. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s government says that Europe can’t do without Turkey – a claim repeated by his foreign minister in a column for the U.K. Daily Telegraph on Friday. But the reality is,

  • Quad 2.0: Facing China’s Belt And Road?0

    March 1, 2018 RSIS   he short-lived multilateral Quad of four democracies appears to be earning a new lease of life, partly due to a combined push by the US and Japan. Is this in response to China’s growing clout and assertiveness in the Asia Pacific? By Tan Ming Hui and Nazia Hussain* Reuters recently

  • Myanmar: I Saw a Genocide in Slow Motion0

    Sono Wara, a Rohingya in her village in Myanmar a day after the death of her newborn twins. Credit Nicholas Kristof/The New York Times I Saw a Genocide in Slow Motion Myanmar continues to kill its Rohingya, now bydenying them health care and sometimes foodinstead of by wielding machetes and firing bullets. Nicholas Kristof MARCH

  • Crisis Group: Countering Jihadist Militancy in Bangladesh0

    Report 295 / Asia 28 February 2018 With political polarisation reaching historic highs and local jihadist groups forging links with transnational movements, new forms of militancy threaten security and religious tolerance in Bangladesh. The government should reinforce the capability of law enforcement agencies and the judiciary, and build political consensus on tackling the menace.  


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