• After 100 days of the shutdown in Kashmir, not much has changed0

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    • November 16, 2019

    Majid Maqbool, November 16, 2019 August 4. Something sinister seems to be brewing in New Delhi. The air has been rife with fearful speculation for days, and social media updates reflect widespread anxiety. “Whatever is coming, let’s be united. We shall overcome,” one Facebook user commented on the night of August 4, just before the internet

  • Close the Ayodhya chapter: Muslims should build ‘mosque of knowledge’0

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    • November 16, 2019

    The judgment termed the razing of the Babri Masjid in 1992 as illegal. The case is still pending in the courts and, hopefully, notice will be taken of the Supreme Court stricture and deserved  punishments will be awarded, writes  Lt Gen Zameer Uddin Shah (retd) for South Asia Monitor By Lt Gen Zameer Uddin Shah

  • 265 Indian fake news sites caught pushing anti-Pakistan propaganda0

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    • November 16, 2019

    by RAVIE LAKSHMANAN — 16 November 2019 Researchers have discovered a network of 265 fake local news sites — named after defunct newspapers and media outlets — across 65 countries that are being used to disseminate anti-Pakistan coverage and serve Indian governmental interests. Uncovered by the EU DisinfoLab, an EU-based NGO focused on researching sophisticated disinformation campaigns, the operations were traced back to a


  • Does India need to maintain ‘Strategic Autonomy’ despite strides in Indo-US Strategic Relations?0

    Dr. Manoj Kumar Mishra 8 June 2019 The American desire and interest in forging a close strategic partnership with India were clearly borne out by the Obama Administration’s pivot to Asia strategy and later the Trump Administration’s Indo-Pacific policy which were premised on a central role to New Delhi in the Asia-Pacific region. New Delhi and

  • Game Changer: Book Review1

    by Mohammad Ashraf Khwaja 7 June 2019 This book captures the journey of Shahid Afridi’s exceptional rise, his overnight and controversial fame, his weaknesses, strengths, team politics, tragedies, and most significant moments on the field, his future ambitions, political or otherwise and more importantly his shocking revelations which altogether had exposed various things on the

  • Pros and cons of US-Sri Lanka defense plans0

    By Natasha FernandoJune 6, 2019 Recent parliamentary debates concerning defense and security in Sri Lanka were mainly focused on the country’s Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with the US. News outlets such as the Maharaja Corporation sensationalized the agreement as a “threat to Sri Lanka’s sovereignty,” among various other commentators on the subject. US Ambassador

  • Rabindranath Tagore: An enigma0

    Muhammad Mahmood | 6 June 2019 Tagore has been an inescapable reality for all 250 million Bengali speaking people around the world. He is widely revered all over Bangladesh and in India. He commands a towering presence in the Bengali speaking world. His literary achievements overshadow anything that happened before him and anything that happened

  • India: Punjab’s Politicians Are Using the Bogey of Militancy Again0

    The Congress’s victory in Punjab’s Lok Sabha seats was despite its poor governance in the state. So what explains its performance in the state? by Prannv Dhawan and Simranjit Singh 5 June 2019 The Lok Sabha election result in Punjab has been heralded by the commentariat as a rejection of right-wing communal forces. It has

  • Maldives: Majlis elects Nasheed Speaker, maiden resolution invites Modi to address the House0

    All nations, including India, would be watching for inclinations on how the ‘new Maldives’ intends to avoid a China-induced ‘debt-trap’ of the kind into which neighbouring Sri Lanka has fallen.   N Sathiya Moorthy  4 June 2019 A day after electing former President and ruling MDP boss Mohammed ‘Anni’ Nasheed as the Speaker, Maldives’ new Majlis passed a

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  • Indian Navy benefits from Pentagon paranoia over China

    US government in a hurry to get new sub-hunting helicopters into the hands of the Indian Navy by Dave Makichuk May 20, 2020 To say the Pentagon is concerned about China’s military expansion would be an understatement — just ask the Indian Navy. According to a report by Paul McLeary for Breaking Defense, the US

  • Dispute between Nepal and India Worsen over Territory of Kalapani

    by Hari Prasad Shrestha 23 May 2020 In his address to the House of Representatives, Prime Minister of Nepal, KP Sharma Oli, in response to the opposition lawmakers’ queries about the government’s annual policy and program, he remembered the motto of India’s state emblem, “Satyameva Jayate” (“Only truth triumphs”), and the four-head lion figure of

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