• India: The Story of Azam Khan, Endangered Keeper of Deadly Secrets from Haren Pandya to Sohrabuddin0

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    • November 15, 2018

      As a key witness, he holds many of the answers about the killing of a former BJP minister in Gujarat, and his assassins. That is why he fears for his life. Azam Khan. Ajoy Ashirwad Mahaprashasta 15 November 2018 New Delhi: Only a few days ago, Azam Khan, one of the key witnesses in

  • Female politicians want bigger voice in Bangladesh0

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    • November 14, 2018

      As national election nears, women say they deserve a greater role in guiding the country Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina speaks at the United Nations in New York on Sept. 27. Despite having a female PM, Bangladesh remains a male-dominated society, particularly in politics. (Photo by Angela Weiss/AFP) Stephan Uttom and Rock Rozario, Dhaka 

  • India’s secular party takes pro-Hindu line for election0

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    • November 14, 2018

      Congress accused of courting religious majority in Madhya Pradesh with manifesto pledging cow protection Farmers from Madhya Pradesh burn an effigy of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a protest in Kolkata in June 2017 against the government and over the deaths of farmers in the state. More than 1,600 farmers killed themselves in the



      by F R Chowdhury    31/5/2018   Most Bangladeshis still remember late Sirajur Rahman of BBC. In those dark days of Bangladesh when it was still under illegal occupation of Pakistan Army, people in Bangladesh used to eagerly wait for BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) news to know about the progress of the liberation war.

  • Bangladesh: Sheikh Hasina continues the heroic offensive against drugs0

    M A Hossain        28/5/2018 Every sensible media in Bangladesh and abroad are highly applauding Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for her heroic drive against drugs. As the daughter of the founding father of the country, Hasina has exhibited her guts in instructing the members of the law enforcing agencies, especially Bangladesh police

  • 20 Years of Overt Nuclearization and Deterrence Stability in South Asia0

    By: Ahyousha Khan      28/5/2018 May 2018 will mark 20 years of “overt” nuclearization of South Asia wherein one is reminded of the nuclear tests at Chagai and Pokhran-II, which established nuclear deterrence between India and Pakistan. However, it pertinent to mention that the nuclearization of South Asia started with India’s so-called peaceful explosion

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  • Indian Politics: — Modi Returns!

    by Nilofar Suhrawardy 25 May 2019 Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s stunning victory in Indian parliamentary elections marking return of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister have raised apprehensions of it spelling danger signals for Indian secularism as well as democracy. Undeniably, Modi’s term, from 2014 to present, has been marked by saffronization of certain institutions

  • Unforgettable Zia, As I Knew Him

    By R Chowdhury 23 May 2019 Following my escape from Pakistan Army in 1971, I was posted to Z Force of Colonel Ziaur Rahman in the eastern theater of the Bangladesh liberation war. The nearly 20-day journey took me from Lahore to Khem Karan to Rajoke to Ferozepur to Delhi to Kolkata to Agartala and

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