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by N.S. Venkataraman         17/3/2018

In the last four years, several meaningful measures have been taken by Modi government which have far-reaching significance for future of India. As he has attempted to change for better the way of functioning of government machinery, manner in which business is carried out, etc. there has been criticism too by people inconvenienced by such measures.

The progress has not been as promised by Mr. Modi but it has not been due to want of his efforts. Most of the problems relating to corruption and caste conflicts in India are due to the mindset of the people developed over last several decades, and Mr. Modi has certainly made a beginning to make positive change for the better.
However, in spite of many criticisms, as people’s expectations have not been adequately met, it is obvious that large section of Indian population does not suspect the intentions of Mr. Modi or his strength of character or courage of conviction. So far, the criticism of the Modi government has been focused towards the evaluation of Mr. Modi’s performance with the targets and standards set for himself by Mr. Modi.

With the no-confidence motion now moved by the opposition parties and the 2019 national election not far away, people inevitably would start comparing Mr. Modi as a person and leader with those who want to replace him. The no-confidence motion will highlight the huge difference between Mr. Modi, and the opposition and people will inevitably see this.

The pledged critics of Mr. Modi will not see the difference, but by and large, the people will do.

When people have to choose as they exercise their franchise in 2019, they will inevitably realize that Mr. Modi stands much taller than his opponents.
No confidence motion will initiate the trend of people evaluating the difference between Mr. Modi and the opposition leaders and deciding who should be entrusted with the governance after 2019.

In this respect, Mr. Modi has a huge advantage.

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