India: After Targeting Azaan, Uttar Pradesh Minister Now Says Burqa is An Evil Custom

Muslim women wearing Burqa. — File photo

“Muslim women will be freed from ‘burqa’ like triple talaq,” said UP Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Anand Swarup Shukla extending his tirade of hate against Muslims

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LUCKNOW — Anand Swarup, a minister in Uttar Pradesh’s BJP government has embarked, it looks like, on a mission to target a particular religious community by finding faults in their religious practices showing his dedication towards ‘Hindutva’.

After objecting to ‘azaan’, Uttar Pradesh Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Anand Swarup Shukla has now said the Muslim women will be ‘freed’ from the practice of wearing ‘burqa’, which he described as an evil custom and compared it to the banned triple talaq, reports IANS.

The same minister, a day earlier, had written to the Ballia district magistrate, complaining that he is facing difficulties in discharging his duties due to loudspeakers at mosques and said the volume should be fixed according to the court orders.

Targetting Burqa, (an attire that Muslim women wear to cover up their face and body), Minister Shukla, talking to reporters, said “Muslim women will be freed from ‘burqa’ like triple talaq. There will come a time when they will get rid of it. There are many Muslim countries where Burqa is banned.”

Without bothering to know the philosophy of Burqa and hijab as is prescribed in Islam for women, Shukla said ‘burqa’ is ‘inhuman and evil custom’ and added that those with ‘progressive thinking’ are shunning it and not pressing for its use.

Commenting on his letter to the district magistrate in which he raised objection to the volume of loudspeakers at the mosque near his house, the minister said that those having problems should dial ‘112’ and inform police about it, adding if proper steps are not taken, he will decide further course of action, according to the report.

(With agency inputs)

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