• India, US and Emerging South Asia

    India, US and Emerging South Asia0

    Why should the US claim that India is its friend and partner in South Asia and yet initiate processes that are not India-friendly, particularly when other friends and allies of the kind from the West on the one hand, and East and South-East Asia on the other, have experienced an entirely different American treatment all

  • Amb. Osman Siddique’s Speech Transcript on SAJ

    Amb. Osman Siddique’s Speech Transcript on SAJ0

    There’s a saying in the Foreign Service association, and that is, “If you want an Ambassador to be introduced- get another Ambassador.” (Audience laughs) Thank you very much Ambassador Dupree for your kind and generous introduction, and I want to thank everyone for being present here. We are here to introduce a champion of human

  • Senator Robert Casey’s Speech Transcript (4/24/2013) on SAJ

    Senator Robert Casey’s Speech Transcript (4/24/2013) on SAJ0

    (Casey reaches podium after introduction by Ambassador Osman Siddique) Mr. Ambassador thank you very much. I’m reminded about what an elected official in Pennsylvania once said in a similar position to where I am right now – ‘I’m standing between you and your dinner (laughs), and that’s a very dangerous place to be.’ So I’m

  • Richard Verma’s Speech (4/24/2013) on SAJ

    Richard Verma’s Speech (4/24/2013) on SAJ0

    Glad This Is the South Asia Journal I’m so glad this is the “South Asia Journal…” I don’t know if that was a difficult decision, but I was President of the Indian American Bar Association, when we decided to change the name to the “South Asian Bar Association.”  And, I was surprised and frankly disappointed


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