• Defending Kashmir: Book Review0

    “History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.” This remark made by Napoleon Bonaparte is quite right in the context of India-Pakistan wars. Both the countries since partition defend their respective versions of past and continue to do so until today. Numerous accounts have been written on Kashmir war

  • Book review: Left, Right and Centre: The Idea of India0

    by Aejaz Ahmad Wani      11/6/2018 There has been much fuss about nationalism in India in the past few years. Catchphrases such as national/anti-national, anti-Hindu, anti-State, Sickularity, and intolerance have kept coming up in public sphere. This is nothing but a contestation on the Idea of India, whether the idea of India is reducible

  • Defeat is an Orphan: How Pakistan Lost the Great South Asian War0

    Book Review by Adnan Qaiser, May 2018   Adnan Qaiser, a Research Associate at the Conference of Defence Associations Institute, Canada, with a distinguished career in the armed forces and international diplomacy, reviews Myra MacDonald’s book on Indo-Pakistan relations. The author can be reached at a.qaiser1@yahoo.com   Rarely is history narrated in whole truth; it stays the

  • Textual Evidence from Early India Tells Us the Ancients Weren’t as Tolerant as We Think0

    In his new book, D.N. Jha shows that not only did Brahmanical sects fight each other, they were also intolerant towards other heterodox religions like Buddhism and Jainism. Regardless of ideological variation, the political class in its entirety has generally tended to propagate the existence of a pristine tolerant, non-violent, multi-cultural ancient India. Credit: Wikimedia

  • Book review: Bangladesh – Political and Literary Reflections on A Divided Country0

      by R Chowdhury     April 11, 2018 A comment, with particular reference to Bangladesh National Anthem Congratulations to Dr. Jalal Khan. I greatly appreciate his patience and diligence. I can visualize the amount of painstaking efforts that have gone in collecting a mountain of materials and references for his book, Bangladesh: Political and Literary Reflections

  • Book Review; The Raisina Model; Indian Democracy at 700

    Indian democracy at 70 by Meghnand Desai by Zaboor Ahmad    April 5, 2018 Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while speaking on 7th February 2018 in Indian Parliament made the following claim about India’s democracy. “India did not get democracy due to Pandit Nehru, as Congress wants us to believe. Please look at our rich history.

  • Why Scams Are Here to Stay0

    Book Review ‘Corruption is a problem of political economy.’ We live in the midst of scams and scandals- a scoundrel times, but simultaneously we also have become accustomed to corruption. The book under review is an attempt to get the measure of political corruption in contemporary India and see what could be done to combat


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