• Imran Khan CPEC Diplomacy: Remodelling Trade Politics between Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and China0

      by James M. Dorsey     31 October 2018 Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan lands in Beijing on November 3, the latest head of government to seek a renegotiation of commercial terms and/or focus of projects related to China’s infrastructure and energy-driven Belt and Road initiative. He follows in the footsteps of his Malaysian counterpart,

  • The U.S.-India Nuclear Deal: Tale of Ten Years0

    Asma Khalid      31 October 2018 The 2008 India-US civil nuclear deal is marked as one of the most significant events in the strategic landscape of South Asia in last 3 decades. This deal has been viewed as the beginning of a special relationship between India and the US. However, after signing the nuclear

  • Sri Lanka: An ‘unholy alliance’ comes unstuck0

    N Sathiya Moorthy      27 October 2018 There is no denying the surprise element in the timing of the unsettling ‘power-transfer’ in Colombo, which however was waiting to happen for too long that the nation had begun getting tired and bored about media speculation of the past year and more. Even more surprising in the

  • Electronic Voting Machines in India Face Criticism from Opposition Political Leaders0

    An Indian officer examines an electronic voting machine ahead of parliamentary elections in Jammu. Photograph: Jaipal Singh/EPA   bt Yead Mirza     29 October 2018 Faced with a wave of criticism from political corners and civil society members for the alleged erroneous and malicious use of the Electronic Voting Machines, India’s Election Commission had introduced

  • India: S-400 Deal – Implications for South Asia0

    By: Ali Raza      29 October 2018 Finally, the contentious deal of an air defence missile system (S-400) between India and Russia has been signed by President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on October 5, 2018. Almaz Central Design Bureau of Russia developed S-400 Triumph. The new system has replaced air

  • Pakistan and its Militants: Who is Mainstreaming Whom?0

    Gandhara RFE/RL Members of Pakistani Islamist parties protesting against U.S. aid cuts in January 2018 by James M. Dorsey  23 October 2018 Abstract Pakistani militants of various stripes collectively won just under ten per cent of the vote in the July 2018 parliamentary elections. Some represented long-standing legal Islamist parties, others newly established groups or fronts for

  • Answering the CPEC Challenges0

    By Qura tul ain Hafeez    23 October 2018 China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will help sustain the economic growth of China and will highlight the strategic importance of Pakistan. It will offer Pakistan with a chance to broaden the horizon of its economy and enlarge its foreign reserves. However, whilst venturing towards industrialization and Foreign Direct Investment


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