• Pakistan not a Threat for Israel: Clearing Misconceptions0

      by Uzge A. Saleem     16 August 2018 Ever since 1998; the beginning of Pakistan’s nuclear age, the state’s self-defense mechanism has been a source of worry and unrest for India and the US. Both these states never really accepted that a small country like Pakistan could develop the prestigious asset and was now

  • Americans are not likely to leave Afghanistan without Interests Protected: Lessons from Cold War Geopolitics0

    Dr. Manoj Kumar Mishra         14 August 2018 Afghanistan’s sensitive geo-strategic location caught attention not only of regional powers but also the extra-regional powers like the British Empire in the nineteenth century and the US in the twentieth century. Its prized location instead of being a boon for Afghanistan has become a bane

  • Amid ethnic protests, Iran warns of foreign meddling0

    By James M. Dorsey       14 August 2018 Iran has raised the spectre of a US-Saudi effort to destabilize the country by exploiting economic grievances against the backdrop of circumstantial evidence that Washington and Riyadh are playing with scenarios for stirring unrest among the Islamic republic’s ethnic minorities. Iran witnessed this weekend minority Azeri

  • Sri Lanka: What next after ‘Panda Bonds’?0

    Sathiya Moorthy     14 August 2018 Living beyond one’s means is something that parents, family and religion condemn in people. The West-induced ‘credit card culture’ aimed at promoting consumerism and with it the ‘capitalists’ near-exclusively, may have changed it all, yet more and more people are finding the truth in the ancient wisdom even more.

  • Pakistan General Elections 2018- Addressing the U.S. Concern0

    by Hareem Aqdas     13 August 2018 General elections were held in Pakistan on July 25th, 2018. The elections were held after successful completion of five-year term by the outgoing government. As a result of the elections, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) – party led by ex-cricket captain turned politician, Imran Khan turned out to be the

  • The Uyghur militant threat: China cracks down and mulls policy changes0

    By James M. Dorsey      13 August 2018 China, responding to United Nations criticism, academic and media reports, and an embarrassing court case in Kazakhstan, has come closer to admitting that it has brutally cracked down on the strategic north-western province of Xinjiang in what it asserts is a bid to prevent the kind

  • Tamil Nadu: Will Azhagiri queer the pitch for DMK ahead of bypolls?0

    N Sathiya Moorthy  August 13, 2018 Calculated or otherwise, if Azhagiri’s firing of the first salvo after Karunanidhi’s death does not create some space for him to politico-electorally exploit at a later date, there may not be any space left for him at all, says N Sathiya Moorthy. By sounding the bugle for succession days after Dravida


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