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    Ishaal Zehra

    Ishaal Zehra is an MS scholar who writes on regional security, politics, and strategic affairs with a special focus on the South Asia, Central Asia, and Indian Ocean regions.

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  • CAA and NRC – A Nightmare for Bangladesh Future Growth Sustainability0

    by Ishaal Zehra 23 January 2020 Shaikh Hasina, the premier of Bangladesh, has long been accused of sacrificing her country’s interests and selling out to India by her political critics. This narrative intensified when the videos of Abrar Farhad, a student at the elite Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, went viral which showed how

  • Nepal – A Victim of Legacy of British Colonial Times0

    by Ishaal Zehra 23 December 2019 India has recently moved to divide Indian occupied part of Kashmir into two federally administered territories of Ladakh and J&K despite protests from within as well outside India. Soon after stripping the IoK’s special status and splitting the Himalayan region in August, the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs published

  • Indian Occupied Kashmir Is Calling Out Loud, While the World Plays Deaf0

    Ishaal Zehra 28 September 2019 Article 370 of the Indian constitution gave special status to the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir which, at the time of partition, was annexed with the mainland India at the behest of its Hindu ruler Maharaja Hari Singh. The article 370 along with Article 35A, stated that the Jammu

  • Trapping Women in Emotional Jihad0

    by Ishaal Zehra 24 July 2019 As the prime focus while understanding global extremism is usually on the perpetrators and leaders of these extremist groups, women’s facilitative and supportive contributions are often poorly assessed and understood, owing to their under representation in strategic positions within such radicalized movements. Research suggests that hundreds of women and

  • SriLankan Attacks Linkage to International Terrorism0

    by Ishaal Zehra 28 May 2019 Sri Lanka has ramped up security nationwide as fears grow for its minority Muslims could face severe religious violence in the worst turmoil erupted after Easter bombings occurred this April. The authorities were forced to block Facebook and WhatsApp to stop people inciting further violence and imposed curfew after

  • Kashmir Again at Crossroads;What Future Holds for Kashmir if BJP Wins Indian Elections 2019? 1

    by Ishaal Zehra 26 April 2019 General elections are underway in India, and in next four weeks, 900 million people there will be eligible to cast a vote to choose their next Prime Minister. Polls predictions so far suggests the potential re-election of BJP with Modi in power again for the next five years. Now,

  • Pakistan Lived Up To Its Public Commitment, Says NO to War0

    Pakistani residents walk on a bridge in the mountainous area of Balakot where the Indian Air Force (IAF) launched a raid, on February 26, 2019.Jameel Ahmed | AFP | Getty Images After Indian strike inside Pakistani territory, Islamabad vowed a solid response Ishaal Zehra 4 March 2019 Cynthia D. Ritchie truly depicts the psychology of

  • India’s Blood-Filled Kashmir Policy0

    By Ishaal Zehra   15/6/2018 Indian Occupied Kashmir continue to witness bloodshed as Indian forces are indiscriminately and incessantly hunting down the innocent people in the name of so-called search operations. Though the Indian government announced to suspend these operations during the holy month of Ramadan, however, on the second Friday of the Ramadan, heavy shelling


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