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    M Waqas Jan

    M Waqas Jan is a Senior Research Associate at the Strategic Vision Institute, a non-partisan think tank based out of Islamabad. He can be reached at waqas@thesvi.org

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  • Escalating to De-Escalate – From Balakot to Ain al-Asad0

    By Waqas Jan    18 January 2020 With tensions between the United States and Iran dramatically escalating just days into the new year, the risks of a new and even more damaging war erupting in the Middle East have once again reached worrying levels. This was sparked by the brazen US drone strike which targeted General

  • Modi, Trump and the Vindication of Political Demagogues0

    by M Waqas Jan 29 December 2019 As widespread protests across India enter their third week over the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC), therein lies a muted sense of irony in how the once ‘populist’ BJP government is faced with an onslaught of a very different kind of

  • India’s Dehumanizing Path to Global Catastrophe0

    by M Waqas Jan 3 December 2019 For a country that has since its inception prided itself as the world’s largest democracy, India has seen its very identity being bastardized by the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party for well over a decade now. With its divisive and religious-inspired brand of politics, the BJP’s populism is based

  • As Kashmir simmers the IOR too stands as a potential Nuclear Flashpoint0

    by M. Waqas Jan 17 November 2019 This year has seen tensions between Nuclear armed Pakistan and India reach unprecedented levels with both countries flirting with a dangerous escalation spiral. February’s aerial engagement between the two countries’ air forces, sustained exchanges of small arms and artillery fire over the LOC, as well as the ongoing

  • On Nuclear Madmen and Their Perilous Bluffs0

    by M. Waqas Jan 25 October 2019 During the Cold War, and in particular, the Nixon era, the US’s Nuclear Deterrence Strategy had at times flirted with the idea of its leadership playing the role of an unpredictable ‘madman’ in charge of one of the world’s most destructive nuclear arsenals. This strategy, that has since

  • The Game-changing Fallibility of BMD Systems – Lessons from the Middle East and South Asia0

    by Waqas Jan 14 October 2019 As the Middle East’s major powers recalculate their defence and foreign policies following last month’s missile strikes on Saudi oilfields, there have emerged some telling lessons with regard to the changing nature of modern warfare. While these lessons are perhaps painfully obvious to the likes of Saudi Arabia who

  • Highlighting India’s WMDs at the UNGA0

    by M Waqas Jan 24 September 2019 As Prime Minister Imran Khan prepares for his first address to the UN General Assembly next Friday, he does so against the backdrop of heightened geo-political tensions between both India and Pakistan. These include an unprecedented mix of issues comprising the recent upheaval in Indian administered Kashmir, the


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