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    Nava J. Thakuria

    Nava J. Thakuria is a Guwahati (Northeast India) based journalist, who contributes to NewsBlaze and various media outlets throughout the world.

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  • India: ‘Self-reform and financial transparency in media need of the hour’0

    by Nava J Thakuria     8 September 2021 Guwahati: Can the mainstream newspapers and satellite news channels be compelled to make their annual balance sheets public in India? Or will it be possible to ask the professional journalists to go for self-declarations about their assets so that they can question the financial integrity of individuals in

  • Press Emblem Campaign demands immediate release of all media workers in Myanmar0

      Geneva/Guwahati, 5 June 2021 The imprisonment of scribes and other democratic activists under arbitrary laws becomes a new normal in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), the Switzerland-based media rights body Press Emblem Campaign (https://pressemblem.ch/pec-news.shtml) urges the military regime in NayPieTaw to release all media workers immediately and unconditionally. The military junta led by General

  • Corona-year takes away half-a-century Indian journalists0

    by Nava Thakuria     4 December 2020 As the year 2020, shattered by the Covid-19 pandemic since March, approaches the end India finds itself in an awkward situation as the south-Asian nation has lost over 50 working journalists to the severe health hazard till the first week of December. Thousands of journalists along with other media

  • Alarming journo-killing incidents rock Indian media0

      by Nava Thakuria        27 November 2020 Guwahati: Largely smashed by the Covid-19 pandemic the mainstream Indian media has also witnessed an alarming number of incidents relating to journalists’ killings this year. As the year approaches the end, India turns out to be an unsafe country for professional journalists after Mexico only. 

  • India continues to lose scribes to  Covid-190

    by N.J. Thakuria    23 November 2020 Geneva/Guwahati: One more Indian journalist falls prey to the Covid-19 pandemic as Noida based scribe Pankaj Shukla  breathed his last on 20 November 2020. Hailed from Bareilly locality of Uttar Pradesh in central India, Shukla (50) was admitted at JP Hospital, Noida, where he succumbed to novel coronavirus

  • Losing  Indian media corona-warriors0

      by Nava Thakuria         29 October 2020 As the Covid-19 pandemic emerged as a severe health hazard to the Indian media fraternity many more journalists start falling prey to the disaster. Thousands of journalists along with other media employees got infected with the Novel Coronavirus as they have been playing the role

  • India: Persisting vulnerability to scribes0

      by Nava Thakuria          30 August 2020 Scribes in India normally habituate with various forms of vulnerability be its physical security, job security, social security and now health security. The vast country loses a number of working journalists to assailants every year and most of them face retrenchments, arbitrary redundancy or

  • Indian sub-continent sets to improve in the journo-murder index0

        by Nava Thakuria   30 June 2020 As the pandemic year 2020 rolls on, Indian subcontinent sets to improve in its journo-murder index with only two casualties this year to date. The first half of the year witnessed the murder of one scribe each in Pakistan and India for their journalistic works, whereas Bangladesh,

  • As Pakistan trails, India sets to improve journo-murder index0

    by Navo J. Thakuria 17 March 2020 As Pakistan trails, India sets to improve journo-murder index by Nava J. Thakuria As the year 2020 rolls on, Pakistan reported the first murder of journalists in the Indian subcontinent. All other countries in the subcontinent have evaded killing of any scribes in the last two months. Around

  • India: Politics in the time of anti-CAA row0

    by Nava Thakuria 12 January 2020 Defying the relentless protests by a number of organizations in the Brahmaputra valley of Assam, the Union government in New Delhi has lately imposed the citizenship amendment act 2019 (CAA) by bringing the gazette notification and it was another reason to make the people in northeast India angry and

  • India’s improved journo-murder index in 20190

    by Nava Thakuria 25 December 2019 As the year 2019 is approaching the finish line, India sets to improve its journo-murder index with only two casualties this year. The world witnesses murders of nearly 50 scribes for duties related to journalism till date, India’s share has also gone down considerably from six to two. Moreover,

  • Lending supports to Baloch movement0

    by Nava Thakuria 18 November 2019 As India has addressed the decades-long Kashmir problems, the focus has been shifted to Balochistan along with Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) and Gilgit. Slowly but steadily, the support waves to Baloch people for their mission to make Balochistan a sovereign nation, are incasing. From the political class to civil

  • The murky politics of NRC: Challenges of identifying India’s illegal aliens0

    By Nava Thakuria 17 October 2019 As the Indian government has decided to screen all illegal migrants taking shelter in India by updating the National Register of Citizens (NRC) for a nationwide database of “genuine citizens”  – and thereby detect illegal aliens –  one can apprehend more chaos and confusion across the country in future,

  • Reassessing Kashmir in the land of Rishi Kashyap1

    by Nava J. Thakuria 29 August 2019 Reassessing Kashmir in the land of Rishi Kashyap by Nava Thakuria That was an amazing interaction with a senior journalist based in Jammu which was organized through the video-conference at a time when there is wild rumour that entire Jammu & Kashmir was under strict internet censorship as


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