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    Sabena Siddiqui

    Sabena Siddiqui is a foreign affairs journalist and geopolitical analyst with a special focus on the Belt and Road Initiative, the Middle East and South Asia. On Twitter: @sabena_siddiqi

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  • Pakistan’s pink gold1

    by Sabena Siddiqui 15 November 2019 In recent years, pink Himalayan salt has been in great demand globally for its incredible health benefits but it is not widely known that it is from Pakistan. Mined from Khewra in Punjab, Pakistan, the pink salt is named after the famous Himalayan mountain ranges which are 1136 kilometers

  • Water security in South Asia and China2

    by Sabena Siddiqi 26 April 2019 Throughout history, hydro-politics has remained a significant factor in geopolitics as water is life. Essential for economic growth, sustainable development and food and energy security, water reserves have started depleting since the turn of the new century and climate changes are making matters worse.  According to the World Economic

  • Saudi-Iran conflict threatens to flare in Pakistan0

    Sabena Siddiqui March 21, 2019 ARTICLE SUMMARY Recent Saudi investments in a Pakistani port near the border with Iran are likely to irk Tehran, but Islamabad’s strategic ties to both Tehran and Riyadh make it a prime contender to ease the tensions. Illustration by Ed Woodhouse/Al-Monitor The decades-old rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran has re-emerged


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