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  • Will China Be a Responsible Great Power?1

    By Benjamin Ho and Hoo Chiew-Ping    4/4/2018 Synopsis The changes made to the CCP constitution to allow President Xi Jinping an indefinite stay of power have led to concerns about Beijing’s long-term geopolitical gameplan. At the same time, with great power comes great responsibility. What China does in the region will be closely watched.

  • Labelling IS Fighters: Khawarij, Not Jihadi-Salafis0

    By Mohamed Bin Ali   4/4/2018 Synopsis Islamic State (IS) fighters are more suitably called Khawarij and not Jihadi-Salafis. An accurate labelling of them is important to avoid the wrong and misleading use of Islamic terms. Commentary THE TERM ‘Jihadi-Salafis’ was first used by the French scholar Gilles Keppel in 2002 to describe a hybrid ideology

  • Ultranationalist Buddhist Rhetoric In Sri Lanka1

      By RSIS   22/3/2018 Anti-Muslim sentiments in Sri Lanka can be attributed to the spread of ultranationalist Buddhist rhetoric propagated by Buddhist extremist groups which use Buddhism to justify their narrative. The ambivalent nature of religion allows it to be interpreted by its adherents both as a source of violence and a source of peace. By

  • Quad 2.0: Facing China’s Belt And Road?0

    March 1, 2018 RSIS   he short-lived multilateral Quad of four democracies appears to be earning a new lease of life, partly due to a combined push by the US and Japan. Is this in response to China’s growing clout and assertiveness in the Asia Pacific? By Tan Ming Hui and Nazia Hussain* Reuters recently

  • Avoiding Nuclear Crises In Asia0

    January 24, 2018 RSIS Confrontations between nuclear-armed states in Northeast and South Asia conform to a historical pattern of brinkmanship mixed with caution. But with risks still serious, a more effective response is required. By Rajesh Basrur The spectre of nuclear war, once thought to be receding with the end of the Cold War, is


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