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    R. Chowdhury

    R Chowdhury is a former soldier and a freedom fighter in the war of liberation of Bangladesh. Enjoys retired life in reading, writing and gardening. Writes on contemporary issues of Bangladesh; published a few books so far.

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  • Unforgettable Zia, As I Knew Him1

    By R Chowdhury 23 May 2019 Following my escape from Pakistan Army in 1971, I was posted to Z Force of Colonel Ziaur Rahman in the eastern theater of the Bangladesh liberation war. The nearly 20-day journey took me from Lahore to Khem Karan to Rajoke to Ferozepur to Delhi to Kolkata to Agartala and

  • Bangladesh: Road to Independence0

    by R Chowdhury January 4, 2020 “Injustice in the end produces independence.”–Voltaire The people of East Bengal, who are majority Muslims, suffered injustice for ages. After the fall of Plassey in 1757, they came under the wrath of the British and its Hindu surrogates. When the British left in 1947, partitioning India on religious divide,

  • Bangladesh Victory Day: Need Soul Searching1

    by R. Chowdhury 16 December 2019 A Reminiscence I got the confirmed news around 5 am. Apart from a folded map and a walkie-talkie, a small transistor radio remained my closest companion for the past few days. The surrender of the Pakistan military was in the air since December 13, 1971, the day Sam Manekshaw Ka

  • Bangladesh: An Enslaved Nation? (Part II)2

      “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free” said Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German writer and statesman (1749-1832).  (In Part I, published on November 30, 2019, I tried to explain how Bangladesh was enslaved by an Indo-Bangla clique. In this part, I attempted to study how India cast a greedy

  • Bangladesh: An Enslaved Nation? (Part I)1

    “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery”– Thomas Jefferson By R. Chowdhury 30 November 2019 Bangladesh: An Enslaved Nation? (Part I) “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery”– Thomas Jefferson To win a war, to occupy a country, or to enslave a nation or a people, some sort of military action is needed. Not always.

  • Manipur Government in Exile: Impact on Bangladesh4

    By R Chowdhury 3 November 2019 A dissident group of the Indian Manipur State has announced formation of a Government-in-Exile in London on October 29, 2019. Yamben Biren, who designated himself the Chief Minister and Minister of External Affairs of Manipur made the declaration. Mr. Narengbam Samarjit, the Defence Minister designate, was present. They claimed

  • Bangladesh: National Revolution and Solidarity Day, its Significance and its Precursor (With inside stories)0

    By R Chowdhury 1 November 2019 November 7, 1975. A unique day in the life of Bangladesh. At the early hours on this day, soldiers in the Dhaka Cantonment came out in force against the conspiratorial putsch staged by Brigadier Khaled Mosharraf’ four days earlier. Firing with whatever personal weapons they possessed in all directions,


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