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    R. Chowdhury

    R Chowdhury is a former soldier and a freedom fighter in the war of liberation of Bangladesh. Enjoys retired life in reading, writing and gardening. Writes on contemporary issues of Bangladesh; published a few books so far.

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  • Bangladesh in Perspective0

      by R Chowdhury    9 September 2021   “To subjugate another is to subjugate yourself.” For the past thirteen years, Bangladesh has been suffering from two acute syndromes: Indian hegemony and fascism under its protege Sheikh Hasina. Let’s take a look. Indian Eye on Bangladesh From day one of the partition of British India

  • Bangladesh: August 15, Then and Now0

        by R Chowdhury          8 August 2021   The Awami administration under Sheikh Hasina Wazed observes August 15 as Mourning Day. On this day in 1975, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, then President and Hasina’s father, died in a military coup that ousted the BAKSAL dictatorship. The day has been made a

  • Bangladesh: Declaration of Independence and Falsehood! 0

      by R Chowdhury    28 March 2021   “He who indulges in falsehood will find the paths of Paradise shut to him,” Hazrat Abu Bakr, the First Islamic Caliph. The Declaration of Independence “I, Major Ziaur Rahman, Provisional Head of the Government, do hereby declare Bangladesh’s Independence. …. I call upon all Bengalis to rise

  • Bangladesh: I am Zia Speaking0

                       I am Zia Speaking  “In that case, we revolt,” Major Ziaur Rahman (March 25, 1971)    Zia is enmeshed in every paddy sheaf of Bangladesh. From every nook and corner, a voice continues to ring: I am Zia speaking.[I]   By R Chowdhury     25 March

  • Bengal Muslims: History of Betrayals0

      Shahid Gazi looking at his 90-year-old brother’s picture and introducing him to his family. One of the authors of The Bengal Diaspora returned to show him his brother’s picture. Photo: Annu Jalais   by R Chowdhury     21 March 2021  Scottish historian Sir William Hunter (1840-1900) wrote in 1871 that “a hundred and seventy

  • Covid-19 Makes the Rich Richer, the Poor Poorer: That is Capitalism0

      by R. Chowdhury    29 January 2021   “When the laws undertake to make the rich richer and the potent more powerful, the humble members of the society have a right to complain of the injustice to their government.” — President Andrew Jackson   P B Shelly invoked an injunction from the Bible to

  • Bangladesh: What’s Cooking?0

    By R Chowdhury       23 July 2020   “The opposition can be silenced with the threat of cases. The media’s voice can be curbed with the Digital Security Act. But no law, no case and no threat can silence the voices of the common people.”–Sohrab Hassan, Prothom Alo   Lot of interesting things are happening

  • Is India Losing Under the Weight of China in South Asia?0

    “Close neighbors are dearer than distant relatives.”—Chinese saying.   By R Chowdhury     11 July 2020 In the backdrop of recent Indo-Chinese border clash, there came a spate of speculations from observers and political think tanks about reshaping the South Asian geo-politics. Most believe that India losing its octopus grip on its neighbors as the

  • Begum Khaleda Zia: Personal Recollections and Beyond1

    by R Chowdhury 17 June 2020 “Others Eclipsed” “Others finished, totally eclipsed,” Captain Hafiz whispered, elbowing me as he was pointing at the regal entry of Begum Khaleda Zia by the side of her husband Colonel Ziaur Rahman. It was a bright mid-morning in January 1972. We gathered to inaugurate a new Officers Club at

  • Bangladesh: Indoctrination with False History. An Open Letter to Bangladesh Children0

    by R Chowdhury 11 April 2020 A drama took place at 11 AM on March 17, 2020. Fifteen hundred thousand (1.5 million) primary school children chanted that there was none but Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (as if he were a god) in Bangladesh. No person so great, so supreme was ever born in the country. He

  • Bangladesh: “Mujib Borso”, Coronavirus and Real Mujib0

    by R. Chowdhury 28 March 2020 “A lie will add to your troubles, subtract from your energy, multiply your difficulties and divide your effectiveness.”—Thomas Jefferson. Bangladesh under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is celebrating a year-long, Taka 400 Crore Mujib Borso Extravaganza starting from March 17, 2020 to honor Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on his birth centenary.

  • Bangladesh: 1969 Uprising to Independence in 19710

    by R Chowdhury 9 February 2020 In the article “Bangladesh: Recalling 1969 Mass Uprising” (http://southasiajournal.net/bangladesh-1969-mass-uprising/),I recounted the historic movement that quashed the Agartala Conspiracy Case (ACC) and saw the end of Ayub era in Pakistan.  I also desired to examine how the 1969 Movement played a role in the birth of Bangladesh in 1971.   

  • Bangladesh: Recalling 1969 Mass Uprising4

    by R. Chowdhury 29 January 2020 In the book A Soldier’s Debt (ASD), the author thought Neil Armstrong’s landing on the moon was the greatest event of 1969. He then quickly added the following lines:  “One hundred and twenty-five thousand miles below that historic moon walk, the Bengalis of East Pakistan started a renewed but aggressive, at times

  • Unforgettable Zia, As I Knew Him1

    By R Chowdhury 23 May 2019 Following my escape from Pakistan Army in 1971, I was posted to Z Force of Colonel Ziaur Rahman in the eastern theater of the Bangladesh liberation war. The nearly 20-day journey took me from Lahore to Khem Karan to Rajoke to Ferozepur to Delhi to Kolkata to Agartala and


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