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    Dr. Rajkumar Singh

    Dr. Rajkumar Singh is a Professor & Head of P.G. Dept. of Pol. Sc., B.N.M.U., West Campus, P.G. Centre, Saharsa-852201, Bihar (India)

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  • ‘Core Issue’ and Indo-Pak relations0

    by Dr. Rajkumar Singh      18, 2021 In Pakistan’s view the problem of Jammu and Kashmir was accepted as a “dispute”, it began to consider the same as ‘core issue’. In yester years, whenever, Indian over-cautiousness had taken the form of hedging after agreeing to discuss the problem of Jammu and Kashmir along with other issues

  • New inputs of party system in India0

    by Dr. Rajkumar Singh    9 September 2020 Indian party system’s experiences were of co-existing with the competition but without a trace of alteration. As a result, the opposition parties confined themselves to a role quite distinctive instead of providing an alternative to the Congress Party they functioned by influencing sections within Congress. They opposed

  • Ideological basics of Naxalism in present India0

    by Dr. Rajkumar Singh   13 July 2020 Naxalism, like communalism, fundamentalism and sectarianism has become one of the severe threats and internal security challenge ever faced by our country. Started from a village named ‘Naxalbari’ in West Bengal in May 1967 soon it became a revolutionary peasant uprising with the motto to free the oppressed

  • Covid-19 and individual authoritarianism in USA & China1

    Dr. Rajkumar Singh 17 June 2020 Democracies are thought to have advantages of a free press and electoral accountability to improve performance in response to crises, but not all democratic systems are equally effective. Federalism in the United States creates a much more fragmented system for responding to  and institutional features of U.S. democracy diminished

  • Prospects of globalisation and Covid-193

    by Dr. Rajkumar Singh 26 May 2020 The outbreak of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, that began in Wuhan, China, has a far-reaching historically significant global change. More than 200 countries have confirmed cases of the virus, with the wide nature of the transmission mechanism remaining unclear. Pandemics are not just passing tragedies of sickness and

  • Covid-19 and prospects of trade in 2020-20210

    Dr. Rajkumar Singh 25 April 2020 Increasingly stringent containment measures, needed to slow the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), will  lead to significant short-term declines in GDP for many major economies. As per a latest estimates the lockdown will directly affect sectors amounting to up to one third of GDP in the major economies and

  • Changing contexts and relevance of Non-alignment0

    By Dr. Rakmuar Singh 28 March 2020 India’s policy of non-alignment in any case did not mean only to refuge joining any power bloc but a lot more than that. The main objectives of the policy are the pursuit of peace not through alignment with any major group of powers but through an independent approach

  • Growing nuclear capability of modern Pakistan0

    By Dr. Rajkumar Singh 5 February 2020 The change of guard in Islamabad did not make any difference to the nuclear programme of the country. General Zia, who replaced Bhutto, pursued predecessor’s nuclear plans and referred to US efforts “to prevent us from making bomb even though we have no such intention–if we wanted to,

  • Consequences of public reactions against corruption in India0

    by Dr. Rajkumar Singh 4 January 2020 The due time for 16th national general election is the year 2014 but the post–2009 general elections phase in India continued to remain a crucial one. It witnessed the anger in the minds of the people which was steadily built up as scams of huge proportion burst one

  • Indian democracy is not more than a voting right0

    by Dr. Rajkumar Singh 3 December 2019 Even after more than 70 years and 17 national general elections, India’s Parliament is nowhere close to being truly representative. Since the adoption of the Constitution, India has moved decisively towards a multi–party system, with laws such as the one to prevent defection restricting inner–party dissent even while

  • Religious profile of today’s Pakistani Sindh Province0

    by Rajkumar Singh 11 November 2019 Sindh is one of the four main provinces of modern Pakistan having an area of 140,914 km and 47,886,051 population according to the census held in 2017. Others alike, it is a state of the federal parliamentary republic, more or less at a similar system of government with a

  • How India activated its Chinese diplomacy in post-1962?0

    by Dr. Rajkumar Singh 19 October 2019 In post-1962 period relations between India and China were put on rails with the establishment of ambassadorial level contact in April 1976. It could not be done earlier because Peking was engaged in a full-scale campaign against India whose chief purpose was to carry the conviction that India

  • Jammu and Kashmir through the ages : From early to accession0

    By Dr. Rajkumar Singh 4 October 2019 The problem of the State of Jammu and Kashmir had plagued India’s relations with Pakistan in the Post-independence era. At the time of independence it was one of the princely states of India who failed to decide whether to join the Union of India or Pakistan before 15

  • Judicial System Of Mughal And British India0

    By Dr. Rajkumar Singh 6 September 2019 The establishment of the Muslim rule in India opened a new chapter in its judicial history. The Muslim conquerors brought with them a new religion, a new civilization and a new social system. The ideal of justice under Islam was one of the highest in the middle ages. The


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