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    Rajesh Verma

    Rajesh Verma is an Assistant Professor at the Vasant Kanya Degree College, Varanasi, India.

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  • Closed Gates and Gazing Eyes: Workers trapped in a Foreign Land0

    by Rajesh Verma 6 June 2020 Bhutan. Covid-19 though a virus responsible for bringing pandemic disease which has brought a great disaster to humankind is primarily seen in the international media through national interest. We can see the American president Trump threatening a total boycott of China while the Chinese media CGTN often refuting the

  • Locating South Asia: Crises and Opportunities0

    by Rajesh Verma 1 October 2019  Abstract What constitutes South Asia?  If it is a religious construction as many seem to advocate Buddhism being the link to it; or a political construction for the maintenance of Indian hegemony in the region. Indeed for the West and U.S.A esp. South Asia is a geo-political category through


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