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    Rajesh Kumar Sinha

    Rajesh Kumar Sinha, MA, MLISc, MPhil, PG Diploma in Journalism is a serving Librarian with the South Eastern Railway, Ministry of Railways. He has worked in print and web media for six years and writes for Foreign Policy News (US) and Rail Journal (India).

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  • Year-end review: Emerging Challenges for South Asia0

      by Rajesh Kumar Sinha       3 January 2020 The year 2020 has just ended. The year has been extremely calamitous for the whole world. Especially, the pandemic Corona Virus has created such an unfortunate state where economies, infrastructure, loss of lakhs of lives, job losses, and uncertainty has gripped the whole of humanity.

  • Pakistan and Its Incessant Troubles0

    by Rajesh Kumar Sinha     30 December 2020 Not very long ago, politicians, media, and people in Pakistan were fond of repeatedly claiming the pride of being the lone Islamic Nuclear Power. Things have gone totally awry now. Pakistan today is in the global limelight for all the unpleasant reasons. For not being let off

  • The Changing Landscape of Indian Politics0

    by Rajesh Kumar Sinha      19 December 2020 The noted Indian historian Ramchandra Guha, has recently suggested that the Nehru-Gandhi family members must leave the Indian National Congress (INC) party leadership. Other competent and experienced leaders from various corners of the country who are therein for a long time, should get into the leadership

  • India’s Genome Valley: In Search of the Elusive Covid-19 Vaccine0

    by Rajesh Kumar Sinha    30 November 2020 The Indian PM Modi has had a usually hectic but whirlwind tour recently to Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and Pune. The visit was aimed at getting a personalised first-hand idea of the progress achieved towards the launch of the Covid-19 vaccine being worked on by Indian companies. The entire

  • The Worsening Arab-Pakistan Relationship and its Impact0

    by Rajesh Kumar Sinha      29 November 2020 One of the strongest pillars of Pakistan’s foreign policy till recently had been its close, brotherly relationship with the Arab world. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates had been the most vocal political and economic supporters of Pakistan for decades. The country has found frequently

  • The Call for a Boycott: Is It Really Freedom of Expression0

    by Rajesh Kumar Sinha    20 November 2020 Some disturbing trends have recently been witnessed in Indian media, especially social media. There have been instances of simple commercials with innocuous, humorous messages that should have been taken as a simple advertisement but using various social media platforms, individuals and sometimes well-known public figures have jumped

  • India-Bihar Elections: Implications for National Politics0

    by Rajesh Kumar Sinha     14 November 2020 The recently concluded Bihar assembly elections have come out with interesting results and important implications for national politics. Contrary to all predictions and exit poll results, the JD(U)-BJP combine is all set to continue ruling the state. And some of the analysts as well as political parties

  • The State of the Fourth Estate: A Serious Analysis Needed0

    by Rajesh Sinha  7 November 2020 The fourth estate, the press, or in contemporary times, the media in the broader context is facing a critical and tumultuous time. Theoretically called the fourth pillar of democracy, media is under severe stress in all parts of the world. Not only in the communist or authoritarian regimes, but

  • Human Rights Violations in India: The Malaise, Context and Implications0

    by Rajesh Kumar Sinha        26 October 2020 One of the significant developments that have opened up the socio-politico fabric of India before the world like never before, has been the extraordinary focus on the issue of human rights violations in the country. The issue has started getting all the more attention on

  • India: The CAA – The Policy, Politics and its aftermath0

    by Rajesh Sinha     20 October 2020 When the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was passed by the Indian Parliament in December 2019, it might well have gone as just another piece of legislation being passed by the ruling party of the largest democracy in the world. However, that was not to be. Initially, opposed only

  • The Corona Pandemic: Lessons for the Future0

    by Rajesh Kumar Sinha    18 October 2020 The ongoing devastating Coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the world like never before has already witnessed deaths crossing one million and infections touching close to thirty-nine million. And if experts and scientists are to be believed, its ferocity is far from over, and maybe a vast number

  • Global Defence Spending: Trends for South Asia0

    by Rajesh Kumar Sinha  9 October 2020 The Stockholm-based International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) recently came out with some interesting facts and figures. While SIPRI is well-known for its detailed and factual analysis on various issues concerning global peace and security, including weapon and armament procurement, purchase and exports by countries around the world, they


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