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    Qura tul ain Hafeez

    Qura tul ain Hafeez has done M Phil in international relations from Quaid-I Azam University Islamabad. She is currently working as a Research Associate at Strategic Vision Institute Islamabad. She can be reached at Quraathashmi@gmail.com

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  • Who is to be Blame for the Arms Build-Up in Asia-Pacific?0

    By: Qura tul ain Hafeez      26 January 2019 Maritime disputes have appeared as one of the absolute security concern in the Asia-Pacific region. They act as a driving factor for the major power of the region, while formulating their strategic policies towards their neighbors. Over the past several decades the maritime security disputes touched an irrepressible point which

  • Pakistan Securing Its Maritime Interest and CPEC0

    by Qur Tul Ain Hafeez 16 January 2019 The IOR is a major sea route that unites the Middle East, Africa, and East Asia with Europe and America. The excessive economic growth of littoral states of Indian Ocean obliges them to protect their energy needs and interests in order to endure their purchasing power. This

  • Answering the CPEC Challenges0

    By Qura tul ain Hafeez    23 October 2018 China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will help sustain the economic growth of China and will highlight the strategic importance of Pakistan. It will offer Pakistan with a chance to broaden the horizon of its economy and enlarge its foreign reserves. However, whilst venturing towards industrialization and Foreign Direct Investment

  • China’s Role in 1965 Indo-Pak War0

      by Qura tul ain Hafeez     26 September 2018 China is one of the most reliable partners of Pakistan throughout the establishment of their diplomatic relations since 1951. It has been a trustworthy companion in providing Pakistan with the military assistance, economic advancement, financially viable means (the recent CPEC is a clear example) and supporting

  • Agriculture a Boon for Pakistan’s Economy and CPEC0

    by Qura tul ain Hafeez         30 August 2o18 Agriculture comprises a big chunk of Pakistan’s economy. A bulk of Pakistan’s population implicitly or explicitly relies on this sector. According to Pakistan’s Statistical Bureau, 24 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is contributed in the national economy through agricultural sector. It constitutes 43%

  • CPEC and Pakistan’s energy crises0

    By Qura Tul Ain Hafeez    20 July 2018 An adequate amount of electricity is primarily a way towards the industrial growth, transportation, infrastructural improvement, sustainable development, education, agricultural advancement, research and development and almost all aspects of a developed an advanced economy. It also facilitates the provision of jobs and hence better living standards.

  • SCO Ensuring Regional Security and Economic Interests0

    by Qura tul ain Hafeez    25/6/2018 Asia is the region which perhaps shares the most dynamic volatile and complex geostrategic environment. The Asian countries by and far have tried to sort out the emerging issues through different channels and platforms. However, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is most successful among them until now. SCO is


    by Qur Tul Ain Hafeez    14/6/2018 Pakistan has been trying to acquire the membership of the 48 member Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) for the past several years. Its quest for the NSG membership is not only limited to gain parity with India but, to meet the growing energy demands also. The international community is

  • Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity (APAPPS): What is in it for the CPEC?0

      by Qura Tul Ain Hafeez       31/5/2018 China intends to extend the CPEC into Afghanistan which is a positive move towards regional economic integration. So, it has played a vital role in bringing the two countries to the table. Pakistan recently had its 4th meeting of Afghanistan-Pakistan Action Plan for Peace and Solidarity

  • Analyzing CPEC Summit 20180

    by Qura tul ain Hafeez      18/5/2018 China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is the flagship project of China’s Belt and Road initiative, prioritized by both the Governments of China and Pakistan to build a China-Pakistan community of shared destinies. The strategic partnership under the CPEC envisages some projects among which Energy Security, Infrastructural Development, Connectivity,

  • China’s Boao Forum for Asia and Economic Integration through CPEC0

    by Qura tul ain Hafiz     30/4/2018 These days the “Asian Competitiveness Annual Report 2018” has become the talk of the town, which says that BRI’s flagship project, i.e., CPEC) is now being extended towards Afghanistan. The same was highlighted during China’s Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) annual conference that was held on April 11,

  • Indian Ocean politics and Pakistan’s economic interests0

    The Indian Ocean is among the world’s largest oceans. It comprises nearly one‐fifth of the entire oceans of the world. In the west of Indian Ocean there lies Africa and Arabian Peninsula while the central Indian Ocean touches its boundaries with India’s coastal waters while on its west there stands huge range of Himalayan Mountains.

  • Pakistan: Special Economic Zones and CPEC0

    by Qura Tul Ain Hafeez    16/3/2018 Economic Expansion, high prices, and inflation are the issues on which one can talk for hours. The scarcity of resources, energy crises and lack of industrial modernization are the challenges which Pakistan has been facing for past many decades. Despite the advantages of geographical setting, the country could

  • CPEC: Conflict Management0

    by Qura tul ain Hafeez     27/2/2018   CPEC is a great opportunity to enhance Pakistan’s economy. The new commercial and economic businesses nevertheless encompass certain security issues pertaining to the development and implementation of the new projects under the Long-Term Projects (LTP – 2018 to 2030). These challenges and threats are internal as well as


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