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  • The ‘Trump Doctrine’ Isn’t Working0

    The Iranian government saw the President’s vacillation as a sign of weakness, one journalist tells me: “Iran was ready to retaliate on an unbelievable scale.” by Reese Erlich June 28, 2019 Tehran resident Dariush is exactly the kind of person that the Trump Administration claims to be supporting. He is a middle-class businessman who hates

  • The Conflict with Iran Is Rooted in Two Views of History0

    Author and retired Army colonel Andrew Bacevich puts the current flare in tensions with Iran in historical context. by Norman Stockwell June 29, 2019 Tensions between the United States and Iran have continued to rise in recent weeks. In the early hours of Thursday June 20, Iran shot down an unpiloted U.S. drone aircraft flying in

  • Afghanistan: Digging Deeper 0

      June 7, 2018 Kathy Kelly Here in Kabul in early June, outside the home of several Afghan Peace Volunteers, a large drilling machine is parked on what was once a lovely garden. To this now muddy patch, workers will soon arrive for another noisy, dusty day of digging for water. The well dried up a


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