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    Manoj Kumar

    Manoj Kumar, Second in Command, STC Chakur, Distt. Latur, Maharastra.India. Pin Code 413513 + 91 9485151147

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  • Compensation to Victims of Wrongful Prosecution: Need for Strong Legislative Intervention0

    ISRO scientist Nambi Narayanan fought a battle to prove his innocence for 24 years. | PTI   by Manoj Kumar    3 April 2021 In India, the alarmingly low conviction rate in criminal trials has given rise to the concern of how the wasted life of victims and the harassment caused to the under-trial can

  • The Dynamics of Western Indian Border Security0

    by Manoj Kumar    19 October 2020 The borders of South Asia have a unique evolutionary history, as they are based upon the administrative and strategic conveniences of colonial powers who wish to carve the world according to their own wishes. The  South Asian borders were mainly carved out without due consideration to geographical frontiers

  • India: Rule of Law in Crisis of Trust0

    by Manoj Kumar     15 October 2020 In the past few months, there have been instances where public institutions’ performance and objectivity were debated in media, even more, disturbing was the multiplicity of electronic media channels where hyperactive news anchors were telecasting different versions of the same events which have confused the innocent viewers. This

  • Beyond the Optics: Significance of US President Visit to India0

    by Manoj Kumar 27 February 2020 The glamorous and high profile visit has impressed the people not only in India but abroad also, but once the visit is culminated policy makers of both the nations will be busy in analyzing the outcome of the visit. The kind of public display of magnanimous welcome in Ahemdabad

  • Climate Change: Need for Support of Political Narratives0

    by Manoj Kumar 23 February 2020 Recently concluded Delhi Assembly Elections has symbolized the victory of ‘politics of performance’,  the winner Aam Admi Party campaign was based on social welfare factors relating to common man namely water, electricity, education, health etc., but what all the contesting parties missed was the issue of pollution/climate change. Though

  • India Pakistan Borders: Cartography without Geographical Frontiers0

    The first comprehensive frontier concept was explicitly expressed by Lord Curzon in his Romanes lectures at Oxford in 1907. The deciding factor in carving geographical boundaries in Indian subcontinent was the outcome of rivalry between Great Britain and Russia, the boundaries of North Western frontiers in South Asia is British creation. The boundary line between

  • Pulwama attack- Balanced Public Opinion in Time of Crisis0

    by Manoj Kumar 24 February 2019 The nationalist and patriotic fervor in India after Pulwama attack is quiet understandable. The overreach of electronic media has made it possible to bring the images of that horrific incident to the drawing room of every citizen of country and across the globe. And even more live was social

  • BRICS New Development Bank in Changing World Economic Order0

    by Manoj Kumar 10 February 2019 The New Development Bank (NDB) is a multinational bank established by member states namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, specifically as per Agreement of the NDB, “the Bank shall support public or private projects through loans, guarantees, equity participation and other financial instruments.” Also, the NDB “shall cooperate with international organizations and


    by Manoj Kumar      31 August 2018   For the past few months due to lynching incidents, there has been a debate on the use and culpability of social apps for incitement of violence through the spread of sometimes fake and sensational material. The government has taken serious note of dissemination of exciting stuff

  • Better Border Management is the Solution for India and Pakistan0

    After every terror attack in India in the past few years, there is an escalation in rhetoric for taking punitive action against perpetrators within and outside the country. These developments have escalated military, diplomatic and political tensions between India and Pakistan, which are a grave cause of concern since both are nuclear powers and Pakistan


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