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    Miss. Kriti Mishra

    Kriti Mishra, a third year law student at VIPS IPU, has an innate interest in legal research and writing. She's fascinated by the role of a judge in a society and aims to become one. She has a passion to help the socially vulnerable and deprive, which keeps her associated with several NGOs and organizations. She likes cooking, painting, yoga and studying astrology as an escape from academics.

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  • India: NEP 2020: Assessing Access to Higher Education0

    [i]NEP 2020: Assessing Access to Higher Education “Education is not the learning of facts, but a training of the mind to think” – Albert Einstein by Miss. Vijaya Singh and Miss. Kriti Mishra      25 September 2020 Humans are social animals, and to participate freely in society, the role of education is indispensable. The


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