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  • Bangladesh on the back of a strange monster0

      by Mohammad Kepayet  Ullah   24 October 2020 When the state goes through an extreme catastrophe. The opposition parties advise them and raised various demands through the movement. In many cases, the government accepted them and lead the country properly. But the political structure of Bangladesh has changed in the last few years. The government

  • Bangladesh’s fight against COVID-19: Corruption the main obstacle0

    by Mohammad Kepayet Ullah    25 July 2020 Corruption in the health department is like a fairy tale. Fourth class employees own hundreds of thousands of money — this story is found in the book of fairy tales. Abjal of the Department of Health has made that myth a reality. However, those involved in the

  • 1.1 million Rohingya refugee is now out of thinking amid the pandemic 0

      by Mohammad Kepayet    13 July 2020 Next August will be the third anniversary of the Rohingya genocide and the forcible exile. Bangladesh has given shelter to Rohingyas who fled Myanmar in 2017. Asia never saw that amount of refuge at the same time after the liberation war of Bangladesh. Rohingya repatriation has been

  • Pandemic is the weapon to remain the ‘throne’ sustainable0

    by Mohammad Kepayet Ullah      8 July 2020 Do you think, now rulers are using the pandemic for its favor? How pandemic is appearing in front of the people? In what ways is pandemic being sold? The government using this Covid-19 for its sustainable advertisement. When Coronavirus is deadly to the average people, at

  • An Insight on the Unemployment Amidst the COVID-19 in South Asia0

    by Mohammad Kepayet Ullah 19 May 2020 54-year old street-vendor, Kashem, is a daily basis wage-earner who lives in a congested slum in the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He lost his wife nine years ago. He has a 16-year old daughter, Kulsum, who is a low paid readymade garment worker. Recently, she lost her job

  • COVID-19: 1.1 million refugees are extremely vulnerable in Bangladesh0

    by Mohammad Kepayet Ullah 18 May 2020 Now the entire planet is rudderless and anxious of the threat of COVID-19 pandemic. This unknown enemy has already spread in every corner of the world, even in the world’s biggest Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh. Emergency teams are racing to contain a possible coronavirus outbreak in the

  • Worst Press Freedom in Bangladesh: the context of South Asia0

    The theme for this year’s World Press Freedom Day is ‘Journalism Without Fear or Favour.’ It calls for awareness on specific issues about the safety of journalists, their independence from political or commercial influence. Do Bangladeshi media workers have that right? Are they able to express their views in a free voice? Are they able

  • Afghanistan peace talks: Main reason for U-turning Donald Trump0

    by Mohammad Kepayet Ullah 21 September 2019 Trump dismissed peace talks with the Taliban because of 5 September attack in Kabul. Has Trump’s declaration lost the hope of peace in Afghanistan? Will the winds of peace no longer flow from the Karakoram or the Hindu Kush Mountains? Soon after Trump’s announcement to cancel the peace


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